Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bird Park @ Ikano

Ikano had an indoor bird park for 2 weeks during the mid term school break. We took a family photo with the birds. Each of us had a bird on us, cool :)

Cavan's intrigued by the White Parrot and couldnt stop asking for a REAL white parrot! Since he can't get a real bird, he started to ask for log/branch to stand on, feathers to stick on himself and pretend to fly like the parrot, etc...

Day and night reminding me to get him these stuff. Even when I called home the first greeting he gives me is "mummy - remember to buy log, branches, feathers, etc..." Headache!!!

So finally I got him some branches off my mum's tree and printed out a parrot template for him to color in and made a parrot that can stand on the branch.


Soulie said...

so cute one bird on Cavan's head. Lucky he's easily satisfied even though its just a parrot paper

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