Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Belated Father's Day Dinner

We had a belated Father's Day dinner last Saturday as the week before we attended and celebrated Uncle Wim and Aunty's Pat Wedding Anniversary. Our venue this time is in Rawang.

Ordered the winter melon soup which cost RM25 which I found quite costly (they have other prices according to the size of the melon). Very tasty and will try making it at home one fine day. Other dishes we had were fried cabbage, fried spinach, claypot salted fish pork, claypot spare ribs with yam, signature steam fish and a whole smoked duck (RM50).

This is the smoked duck which I like very much due to its smokiness :) The meat is tough but you just need to chew on it slowly to enjoy and taste the smoke in it!

No other pics except for the foodie as I was real tired after the day's outing in MV. Not to mention the DSC started to act up which explained the fuzzy pics.

This was just a simple dinner for the Grandfather and Fathers that night.


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