Friday, May 08, 2009

On Cloud 9...

Last Friday upon reaching home, Cavan sang this song to me. I was surprised and he really made my day!!


Mummy Darling,
Mummy Darling
Mummy Darling, I Love You
You're my precious,
You're my sweetheart,
Mummy Darling, I Love You

Pardon his pronunciation of precious. It's like pressure!! hehehehe.... Am I "pressuring" you boy??

Today, his kindy has a Mother's Day event for an hour. All mummies, grandmas and aunties were invited. It started at 9am and ends exactly at 10am.

All the children were lined up as in assembly and they started with singing their Good Morning song. Thereafter, a short explanation to the children on how hard it was for mummies to carry them for 9 months and how rewarding it was for mummies to see their achievements.

The children were then told to look for their mummies and the above song "Mummy Darling" was sang by the kid to their mum (english and malay version) followed by a dance song. So sweet.

Mummy and kid then proceeded to their classroom for a craft project together - decorate a hairclip. We then had a "red circle" time where we sat and sang songs together and finished with another dance "If you're happy, clap your hands, etc..." It was then time to bid goodbye and the children continued with their classes.

This is our finished product! :)

Happy Mother's Day to all mummies and not forgetting grandmas. Sharing my happiness and hope you enjoy Mummy Darling song!


Soulie said...

Happy Mother's Day to you! Cavan's voice is sexy...i also can melt hahaha

caffelatte/caffeaulait said...

Oh! soo..husky and soooo sexy laaa I love to hear it over and over again. Lucky you! hehehe Happy Mother's Day to ya.

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