Thursday, May 28, 2009

Emoticons Cupcakes

Baking bug hit me again. Since tomorrow would be the last day before school holiday start and Cavan's kindy is celebrating Teacher's Day, made orange cupcakes for him to bring to kindy and share with his friends and teachers.

Worked on a different recipe for the cupcakes and still my usual recipe is better. Halfway thru my baking, backache struck! aarrghhh...guess I got the heart to bake but my physical body is asking me to rest more. Not helping is when I'm beating the batter and such, baby's moving a lot in my tummy :) Guess it's too noisy for the little fella hehehe...

Besides bringing cupcakes to kindy, Cavan made these for his teachers as well (of course with mummy's help :p)
Handmade Happy Teacher's Day tag hung on paper flowers for his Teacher Anita (class teacher), Ms Jessie (music teacher), Ms Zul and Ms Sharifah.


♥ GRACE ♥ said...

so cute the cupcakes!
i gave u an award at

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