Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Craft a Crocodile

Another theme day in Cavan's kindy and this time the theme is Animals. Previous theme day - Family, we only prepared simple moustache and beard for Cavan to go as a Grandpa (no pictures on this as I was then having bad morning sickness).

This round, we bought manila papers and "constructed" the body and head for him. Cavan helped out a little on the coloring part. He was more interested in cutting out the parts actually!!

(1) checking out the diagram on the parts to cut out
(2) coloring and decorating the body
(3) the spikes
(4) the head and body ready to be worn

Few poses for mummy to snap as a remembrance before adorning it to kindy as for sure when he returns home, the whole thingy will be squashed!


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