Thursday, May 07, 2009

Backyard Monsters & Dinosaurs

Brought Cavan to Backyard Monsters & Dinosaurs held in Mid Valley on 25 April. I was so looking forward to join him in exploring the dinos there but due to all the "taboo" that comes with pregnancy and lotsa advice of telling me not to go and see, I heeded the majority's advice and stayed away by loittering around the mall while waiting for hubby and Cavan to finish exploring the monsters and dinosaurs. Only paid RM10 for hubby's tix, discounted with Astro's bill whereas Cavan entered FOC.

They only took 1 hour as the exhibition site is not big. Glad that Cavan dared to stand close to the dinos to take picture. Been sorta "brain washing" him days before hahahaha.....kept on telling him, although you see the dino's moving, it's fake okay boy it's fake. And since mummy cant go in coz your little baby is too small, you gotta take lotsa pictures for mummy to see! hehehehe.... It definitely paid off!!

A shot with me before entering the exhibition

posing with dino
It was a Starbucks break after the exhibition for them both and leg rest for me..


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