Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1st Parents Teacher Meeting ~ May 23rd

We were notified of the date and our allocated time was 8.40am!!! So early to start a weekend! Bummer...

Anyway, hubby and myself reached the kindy at 8.30am and proceeded to meet Cavan's class teacher - Teacher Anita.

Overall comments were good. We both knew Cavan loves to take care of those younger than him but we were surprised by the teacher's comment in his progress report that when the younger ones cries, he will take tissue and wipe their tears!! hahaha...

He's gaining confidence which is good as it helps him work on his stuff faster. Sensorial and phonics skills need more practice. This boy's attention is short when it comes to ABC or 123. This we know coz at home he just got no patience when we try to teach him ABC. Verbal he's more than willing to roll it off his tongue singing ABC song or uttering numbers. Just that when it comes to recognising, we hit the wall. He will just give you his cheeky smile and eye language to test you back so that you utter the answer for him!

Chatted with the teacher and she mentioned that sometimes Cavan will get confuse on shapes eg. trapezium, quaterfoil, etc.. I was sitting there hearing this and nearly utter out loud myself, how does those shape looks like? hehehe... Now only I know they learn not simple stuff in kindy at this age!

This was also the first time that we saw his work in school. Occasionally Cavan brings back his craft work but actual workbook is all left in the class. We were given the books to bring back home to run thru and see what he does before returning it to the kindy on Monday. From his work, we were able to see that he got better with it like coloring, drawing lines, etc..

All in we are satisfied with his progress :)

Leaving you with a phonic song which we found on youtube. This song is recommended by his kindy's principal.


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