Monday, April 20, 2009

The nightmare begins..

A really really backdated post and I thought why not jot it down as my memoir...

My nightmare of the dreaded morning sickness started on the last day of CNY-09 (Feb 8th). The awful nausea feeling attacked me on this day and I could not even enjoy the last of my CNY :( The feeling is still mild at this stage, coming on and off not yet full blown and I was still carrying on with my normal life (well, at least trying to..) and that's when I decided to blog about my pregnancy on Feb 11th. After this, all mood gone down the drain when the awful feeling started kicking in steadily....

I was basically just floating and taking each day as it comes and towards end Feb and middle of March, that's when the full kick came in and I was throwing up basically 24/7 (minus those hours when I'm asleep). Eyes open means I'm basically facing the old faithful 'big bowl' in the cool room!! There were days when I felt someone might as well take a hammer and hammer my backbone for it was so sore that sitting and lying down does not help. Not helping is that this pregnancy started not too good with me having stain and needed all the rest I could get. Add to this, couple of days where I was so weak that I could not get down from the bed. Why weak, coz no food nor liquid going down my body at all. Everything seems to stuck at the base of my throat waiting for the right time to come gushing out again **yikes**

Basically, I was not going to work but stayed at home facing the four walls and the 'big bowl'. On days that I do get in to work only for a few hours to sign cheques, etc.. the only comment I got from my colleague is "you look pale, ghostly"... *sigh* Luckily for me, my lady boss is understanding and I dont have to produce MC nor take leaves but got to work from home. For this, I'm real thankful!

There were also times where I really could not take it anymore and said out loud to both hubby and my mum that I wanted to give up this pregnancy. Of which, I got stares and short lecture from both (*bang my head against the wall for thinking out loud*) So muddled up is my mind that I dont know what day it is and what I'm thinking about.

A nightmare for me to go thru another period of morning sickness which is bad bad bad and they say 2nd pregnancy would be better!! Hah!!!


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