Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lil' Cavan

What has this little guy been upto all these while?

1st up, having fun messing up the whole house. Digging out all his toys, playing with play-doh by adding water, throw in pebbles etc.. and you have this

Boy, did his dad gave him a nagging and both end up cleaning the mess up! hehehe...

2nd - During my blurry muddled head days, he threw lotsa tantrums at me, seeking attention (due to jelously as the Chinese says coz their 6th sense know that I'm having a baby) and when I'm at my super muddled peak weeks, the tantrum throwing was aimed at his Poh Poh. Everyone was very patient with him.

Besides his tantrum moments, I got to give credit to him as he was really caring towards me. Following me each time I run to the bathroom and checking what came out, stroking me at the back, passing me tissues and asking if I wanted any warm water. How sweet.. :)

3rd - Cavan also entertained me with songs he learnt from kindy... "rasa sayang, negaraku which he sang non-stop (my dear boy, you got another 10++ years to sing this song every week at assembly!!), days of the week, goodbye song, etc...

The pic above is a recent pic of Cavan taken at my first official outing after my muddled head period to a friend's daughter 1 year old birthday party. Cavan was not well that day, having slight fever, cold and cough but he enjoyed getting baloon sculptures (doggy, tiger and sword) and was contented playing with it the whole night.


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