Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gender Revealled!!

Monthly check-up today and I'm bout 4 months now.

The usual procedure during check-up and I noticed that my gynae seems to take his time looking at the ultrasound around the bottom part of the baby and just out of curiosity, I asked whether he's able to see the baby's gender. Never did I expect his answer was "yes" coz when I was having Cavan and asked him the same question around 4 months as well, it was "wait till you're about 5 - 6 months first".

So now, it is a "chi ku teng" or a "ham cheen pheng"?? :)

My gynae response was "you want to know??" followed by "dont scold me when I tell you.." hahahahaa..... and the answer is "most likely a boy"....this answer is followed by showing me very clearly (well to me it's really clear) the bottom part of my baby. Just imagine the view from the bottom, the baby's legs kicking in the air and what you see in the middle sticking out?? hehehe...

I'm happy but I saw hubby's reaction. He was stunned with the gynae's answer. He was so so hoping for a baby girl this round. Not to mention I have the big brother at home that keeps telling me he wants a baby sister!!

Truthfully Im not disappointed with us getting another baby boy. As long as the baby is healthy, I'm happy. Of course, getting a boy and a girl would be the perfect match but there's not perfectness in this world. This is God given and we are lucky enough to be blessed with another baby :)

Outside of the hospital, I asked hubby if he's disappointed and yes he is a bit disappointed since he was hoping for a girl. He told me that there's still chance since the gynae said "most likely" and we'll check again in 4 weeks time. Hubby said it was the baby's finger he saw!! not that "thing".... but softly he admitted that he saw it quite clearly wahahahaaha..

Till the next check-up in 4 weeks time!


caffelatte/caffeaulait said...

congratulations hehehe. We look forward to the arrival of your new born. Gonna find blue theme stuff for ya' hehehe.

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