Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Nite Out!

Been such a long time since I had a Friday nite out with my 2 boys!!

Since Cavan always stop in his track when we're at The Curve during weekend and pass-by the group that sings live music, nothing can make him move eventhough we tug and pull him. We decided to bring him to a lounge to enjoy some music while we the parents relax a bit.

We went to Sheraton Subang's Piano Lounge. Environment is okay, the band was just so-so but the little one enjoyed himself with the music, tidbits and honeydew juice!

Next Friday, we will check-out Mandarin Oriental and hopefully the band there is much much better.


Soulie said...

Cavan really enjoyed live band music eh! Hehehe how cool!

Apple said...

I heard KL hilton's band not bad.

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