Thursday, April 30, 2009

Company Event

Courtyard Garden ~ 24 April 2009
Commercial Team
(pic by Sunny Lui)

For the first time ever per my knowledge we had a Company event for our clients that won the No. 1 Award. The venue was held at Courtyard Garden Restaurant, Damansara Heights.

It was a hot afternoon affair, even the guests ie. clients complained on the lack of air-cond! Ambience is lovely but the heat is killing!!


♥ GRACE ♥ said...

How do u like the food there? I think it's not too bad... i love the french onion soup! We go there almost every time we have a guest. Ambiance is good to impress guai low mar haha :P Everyone complains abt the heat and sometimes mosquitoes too, even sit inside is warm!

life-muses said...

we had a buffet line and only ate after the event ends, thus the food was cold. too bad no french onion soup on our menu that day!

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