Thursday, April 30, 2009

Company Event

Courtyard Garden ~ 24 April 2009
Commercial Team
(pic by Sunny Lui)

For the first time ever per my knowledge we had a Company event for our clients that won the No. 1 Award. The venue was held at Courtyard Garden Restaurant, Damansara Heights.

It was a hot afternoon affair, even the guests ie. clients complained on the lack of air-cond! Ambience is lovely but the heat is killing!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Of Sausages & Spaghetti

Made sausage puffs and added cheese in it for a tea time visit to a friend's house. The cheese was practically oozing out while baking.

Aromatic tasty easy sausage puffs!!

After a short tea visit, we headed to Mont Kiara for dinner with my parents, 8th aunt and Uncle Wim @ Basque Lane Mediterranean Restaurant & Pub. Promo going on for all pasta at 50% off! I had the Spaghetti Vongole with Cavan and washed it down with a glass of non-alcoholic sangria.

Slurp ~ Slurp ~ Slurp

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Nite Out!

Been such a long time since I had a Friday nite out with my 2 boys!!

Since Cavan always stop in his track when we're at The Curve during weekend and pass-by the group that sings live music, nothing can make him move eventhough we tug and pull him. We decided to bring him to a lounge to enjoy some music while we the parents relax a bit.

We went to Sheraton Subang's Piano Lounge. Environment is okay, the band was just so-so but the little one enjoyed himself with the music, tidbits and honeydew juice!

Next Friday, we will check-out Mandarin Oriental and hopefully the band there is much much better.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gender Revealled!!

Monthly check-up today and I'm bout 4 months now.

The usual procedure during check-up and I noticed that my gynae seems to take his time looking at the ultrasound around the bottom part of the baby and just out of curiosity, I asked whether he's able to see the baby's gender. Never did I expect his answer was "yes" coz when I was having Cavan and asked him the same question around 4 months as well, it was "wait till you're about 5 - 6 months first".

So now, it is a "chi ku teng" or a "ham cheen pheng"?? :)

My gynae response was "you want to know??" followed by "dont scold me when I tell you.." hahahahaa..... and the answer is "most likely a boy"....this answer is followed by showing me very clearly (well to me it's really clear) the bottom part of my baby. Just imagine the view from the bottom, the baby's legs kicking in the air and what you see in the middle sticking out?? hehehe...

I'm happy but I saw hubby's reaction. He was stunned with the gynae's answer. He was so so hoping for a baby girl this round. Not to mention I have the big brother at home that keeps telling me he wants a baby sister!!

Truthfully Im not disappointed with us getting another baby boy. As long as the baby is healthy, I'm happy. Of course, getting a boy and a girl would be the perfect match but there's not perfectness in this world. This is God given and we are lucky enough to be blessed with another baby :)

Outside of the hospital, I asked hubby if he's disappointed and yes he is a bit disappointed since he was hoping for a girl. He told me that there's still chance since the gynae said "most likely" and we'll check again in 4 weeks time. Hubby said it was the baby's finger he saw!! not that "thing".... but softly he admitted that he saw it quite clearly wahahahaaha..

Till the next check-up in 4 weeks time!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hook-ed on Starbucks Breakfast Sandwich

I'm hook-ed at first bite! The minced chicken omelete is really delicious. Need to go grab my fix one of these mornings...

Lil' Cavan

What has this little guy been upto all these while?

1st up, having fun messing up the whole house. Digging out all his toys, playing with play-doh by adding water, throw in pebbles etc.. and you have this

Boy, did his dad gave him a nagging and both end up cleaning the mess up! hehehe...

2nd - During my blurry muddled head days, he threw lotsa tantrums at me, seeking attention (due to jelously as the Chinese says coz their 6th sense know that I'm having a baby) and when I'm at my super muddled peak weeks, the tantrum throwing was aimed at his Poh Poh. Everyone was very patient with him.

Besides his tantrum moments, I got to give credit to him as he was really caring towards me. Following me each time I run to the bathroom and checking what came out, stroking me at the back, passing me tissues and asking if I wanted any warm water. How sweet.. :)

3rd - Cavan also entertained me with songs he learnt from kindy... "rasa sayang, negaraku which he sang non-stop (my dear boy, you got another 10++ years to sing this song every week at assembly!!), days of the week, goodbye song, etc...

The pic above is a recent pic of Cavan taken at my first official outing after my muddled head period to a friend's daughter 1 year old birthday party. Cavan was not well that day, having slight fever, cold and cough but he enjoyed getting baloon sculptures (doggy, tiger and sword) and was contented playing with it the whole night.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Difference

It was hard to be happy and smile when your body is just not feeling right at all. Thus I was real moody and unhappy for over a month!.... Just when I thought the nausea is going away, it came right back and it's back to square one.

The difference I felt between my 1st and this 2nd pregnancy :
  • easily tired ~ more backache
  • nausea is worse than 1st pregnancy ~ lasted longer!!
  • whole body seems to swell up everywhere, every inch!
  • no excitement nor happy feeling ~ just lots of negative thoughts going thru my mind
  • break-outs ~ zits!! uurrgghh!!!
  • tummy started to get big at 2 months!!
Is it my biological clock giving me signs? Better give birth younger, yes better!!

The nightmare begins..

A really really backdated post and I thought why not jot it down as my memoir...

My nightmare of the dreaded morning sickness started on the last day of CNY-09 (Feb 8th). The awful nausea feeling attacked me on this day and I could not even enjoy the last of my CNY :( The feeling is still mild at this stage, coming on and off not yet full blown and I was still carrying on with my normal life (well, at least trying to..) and that's when I decided to blog about my pregnancy on Feb 11th. After this, all mood gone down the drain when the awful feeling started kicking in steadily....

I was basically just floating and taking each day as it comes and towards end Feb and middle of March, that's when the full kick came in and I was throwing up basically 24/7 (minus those hours when I'm asleep). Eyes open means I'm basically facing the old faithful 'big bowl' in the cool room!! There were days when I felt someone might as well take a hammer and hammer my backbone for it was so sore that sitting and lying down does not help. Not helping is that this pregnancy started not too good with me having stain and needed all the rest I could get. Add to this, couple of days where I was so weak that I could not get down from the bed. Why weak, coz no food nor liquid going down my body at all. Everything seems to stuck at the base of my throat waiting for the right time to come gushing out again **yikes**

Basically, I was not going to work but stayed at home facing the four walls and the 'big bowl'. On days that I do get in to work only for a few hours to sign cheques, etc.. the only comment I got from my colleague is "you look pale, ghostly"... *sigh* Luckily for me, my lady boss is understanding and I dont have to produce MC nor take leaves but got to work from home. For this, I'm real thankful!

There were also times where I really could not take it anymore and said out loud to both hubby and my mum that I wanted to give up this pregnancy. Of which, I got stares and short lecture from both (*bang my head against the wall for thinking out loud*) So muddled up is my mind that I dont know what day it is and what I'm thinking about.

A nightmare for me to go thru another period of morning sickness which is bad bad bad and they say 2nd pregnancy would be better!! Hah!!!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I'm still alive....

Just not up to blogging mood nor facebooking mood yet as my head is still in a muddle!! *sigh*

For now, just content with catching up with the blogs I usually read and my blog, I'll update it soon when my head clears more and my nausea period is really over!! Truly a nightmare and depressing weeks (more than a month already??!!) I went thru..
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