Friday, January 09, 2009

Reality Struck

I think it's reality that struck Cavan for him to behave all teary eyes and crying from Day 2 onwards.

Day 1 at kindy went smooth as reported but Day 2 he was teary eyed for a second when he realised I'm not there at all (in actual fact I was hiding after telling him I'm going to work). I went to him and immediately you can see his face is happy and hugged me real tight!. Then he wipe away his tears and I told him, come let mummy wipe for you. His response : no need mummy, I'm okay while hugging me again and patting me on my back. Whoa! this boy who is teary eyed is now patting my back as tho I'm the one that needed assurance hahaha...

Day 3 a bit teruk, cried a bit then calmed down. After Im sure he has calmed down (hiding all these while) I went to work. He went home and told his Poh Poh he cried.

Day 4 didnt want his daddy to fetch him to school. Out of the house was okay and somemore reminded his Poh Poh to wait for him at the guardhouse. Once in the car, reality struck him again and he's crying non-stop, daddy cannot handle him. So this mummy no choice got to bring him to school and accompany him to class. After awhile, both daddy and mummy left with him arms streching out, tears rolling down and screaming "Mummy, Mummy, I want you!..." Both of us just left (cruel cold hearted huh...)

Day 5 morning today. Everything went well, took bath then reality struck again! Said he didnt want to go to school. Practically drag him to the car and out of it! Accompanied him again to the class. After awhile told him I'm going washrom. He was okay. Reminded me to come back after washroom and play with him. When I went back to his class, his teacher told me he refuse to let anyone touch the toys he made coz he want to show me. Then I caught him wiping tears and asked "You're crying?". His reply to my amazement : "No, I'm not crying. My eyes pain that's why I rub my eyes!"

After chatting with his teacher for 10 minutes, I told Cavan : Mummy going to work. You stay here and play with your friends. If there's anything, tell teacher and she will call mummy. I expected him to start all over again teary eyed and cry but he kept nodding his head and said okay albeit you can see he's sad. Hugged and kissed him. Ask him to kiss me he dont want, just stared down on the floor sad sad face. Then he rub/wipe his eyes again. I asked him, your eyes pain again ahh?...then need to see doctor loh... I said goodbye to him. While going down the stairs, I can see he's looking at me and I hurriedly went down without a second glance back!

Called home and he told me he didnt cry and got a present for me. Must be the sea shell that I helped him decorate earlier :)

Looks good to me so far. I know he's not used to me not beside him as previous classes he attended at Kindermusik and Shichida has parents around with their child. Keeping fingers cross that comes Monday, Cavan will take another step towards independence!

pppssttt.... gals are much more matured to boys. It's the boys that crying and sobbing in class while the gals are happily playing around!!


Zachary said...

That is not cruel or hearted!! but is lovely and kind. It needs sometimes though. When I read your blog, I couldn't remember how was I look like on the first day I went to kindy. I guess I need to ask my mummy then... Fingers cross for you!!!

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