Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm Starry Eyed!

Only friends that are close to me will know that I have one relative who is an actress, a STAR. I still remember after my wedding dinner reception, some colleagues were asking what relationship this actress has with my family?

During my younger days, I dont even realised that she is an actress although I see her on and off. She's famous for her role in 4 Sekawan. Now, each year during CNY we will go and visit her at her home in United Garden, Old Klang Road.

She's non other than Lai Meng aka my Yee Poh, my son's Yee Tai Poh, my mum's Ah Yee which translate to my maternal grandmother's sister! You go figure... :)


Ciyou said...

the world is so small~~ she act very good at the money not enuough 2.

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