Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cousin Sista, you're married!

CONGRATULATIONS to my cousin sister Suliza (better known nowadays with the nickname of "Soul" vs childhood nickname of "Lizot" which we used to teased her with) and her beau Najeeb :)

Both of you were stunning on both days!

10 January 2009 marked the solemnisation (akad nikah) which were held at her house in Bandar Tun Razak, Cheras. We even had a chinese customary tea ceremony thereafter. Liza is my last gal cousin to get married (my generation maternal side).

Akad Nikah @ home
Its something really different I guess with us doing the tea ceremony for a Malay wedding. A unique twist to the traditional do's of a wedding. I hope her husband enjoyed himself during the tea ceremony coz we all sure did! :)

we all dressed up for the tea ceremony :)

The following day, 11 January 2009 is the wedding reception (kenduri) held at Kompleks Sukan in Bandar Tun Razak.

The hall was decorated beautifully with gold themed. Both the bride and groom is obsolutely gorgeous, very very leng lui and leng chai, king and queen for the day as they sat at the dais facing the guests for the merinjis ceremony.

Groom Najeeb & Bride Suliza seated at the banquet table

We also got lots and lots of favours all handmade by her elder sista Surina.

wedding favours and the above is only part of, there were loads!!

In memory of my late aunt Sue and uncle Haron, I know you're beaming with proud from above seeing Liza getting married...

Selamat Pengantin Baru Jeeb and Liza! :)


Soulie said...

karen, thank you so much for the lovely post! hope u guys enjoyed the reception and thanks for being there with the whole family. It's sad that sam yee could not be with us on that day.

oh ya...can i have copies of the photos from ur camera? ;)

life-muses said...

wokie wokie, after cny k. else you remind me...

bem69 said...

Great post, Karen. I sure enjoyed the tea ceremony albeit being a little bit nervous since its very new to me haha. But I totally forgot about that since everyone made me feel right at home. Glad to be a part of the family now.

life-muses said...

Great to welcome you to our big family Jeeb! :)

You'll get confuse no doubt with all those pangkat title (yee mah, piu cheh, etc..) coz me and my brother Vincent still nudge each other and whisper "how to call already ahhh" whenever we bumped into our relatives right to this very day! hahahaha....

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