Saturday, January 24, 2009

CNY Post

This year is a big mad rush for me to prepare for CNY. Only started making cookies and snacks one week before CNY and dont even mentioned about house spring cleaning... I just spring clean whenever I could in between times that I can find!

On top of it, I was down with sore throat and flu and this is NOT helping me to clear my backlog piling up at home :(

Watever it is, CNY is here and this is what we've (mum and myself) made...

fried arrowheads

cornflakes crackle

vanilla kipperl aka almond biscuits

all time favourite peanut cookies (made from ground nuts)

CNY is not without any pussy willows. I just lurve this plant and will get my hands on them without fail each year. Even these are bought 5 days before CNY!!!.... nevermind they are "skinny" a bit but very cheap ooohhh. Got it for only RM9.90 per bunch (normal price is RM16) at Ikea. Glad that it started to bloom when I gave them ice. Yeap, that's rite! It's ice cubes I shower them with.


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