Monday, January 19, 2009

Busy, Busy, Bu-zy!!

Year 2009 seems to be the most busiest headstart for me.

On the roll now :

1 Jan 2009 - Hubby's hometown friends gathering in Klang
5 Jan 2009 - Cavan start kindy
10 Jan 2009 - Cousin Sista's solemnisation & Tea Ceremony in Cheras
11 Jan 2009 - Cousin Sista's wedding kenduri in Cheras (bride's side)
16 Jan 2009 - "Senior Citizen" Justin's Birthday Celebration
24 Jan 2009 - Early reunion dinner with my parents in BRP
25 Jan 2009 - Reunion dinner with my in-laws in Jenjarum
29 Jan 2009 - "Senior Citizen" Hugo's Birthday Celebration cum yearly CNY loh sang
30 Jan 2009 - Cousin Sista's wedding kenduri in Keramat (groom's side)
31 Jan 2009 - Father in-law's birthday celebration cum yearly family loh sang

There you go, the month of Jan-09 is FULL of activities for me!!! How la to think about diet!!??

To add to it, I need to readjust my timings each day since Cavan started kindy. My workload increased which I'm not complaining much (it's always better to be busy than having nothing to do and watch the clock goes tick tock tick tock....), not helping is the extended working hour from 5pm to 6pm effective this year :(

Then there's CNY preparation which I am so so late!!... The house is not cleaned thoroughly, cookies not baked yet and the list goes on..... *sigh*


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