Thursday, January 22, 2009

33 and playful as ever!...

We celebrated Justin's birthday on Friday, January 16th after work.

The initial plan was to go to Bukit Tinggi BBQ (halfway to Genting) for dinner followed by yum-cha in Genting itself. Due to the busy schedule of everyone in Jan-09, this idea was shelved and another venue came up called the "Farm" Restaurant where we were supposed to pick our vegetables ourselves and followed with yum-cha on top of a hill somewhere in Ulu Ampang?

Everything set but then Justin became nostalgic and suggested that we all go to this Mizi Steamboat Restaurant, Metro Prima Kepong where our get together started last year. All were in favour since it is after work, we dont have to rush back down to Ampang area.

Dinner is great albeit I could not take as much photos as I wanted coz my camera battery died on me (yeh yeh I know, I should have check or at least charge it up a bit...). Anyway, we as usual had a fabulous dinner. Giap did not join us for dinner but he came later before we finish our meal as he had to attend his Company's Annual Dinner. He's the organiser, so we sort of waited for him to arrive to pay our bills! hehehehe.... He came with rosy cheeks!!, grinning from ear to ear and talking non-stop! Ha! yes he was a bit tipsy... :)

We then wanted to adjourn to our initial plan that is the hill in Ulu Ampang but shelved it also coz by the time we reach there it would be mid-nite!... Justin again suggested we go to Prince Cafe (right behind the steamboat restaurant). This is the cafe where we had our after dinner drinks the 1st time as well. We could not get back our "old" seat thus sat near the entrance. Without failure, the two kiddos entertained us with their antics and they hit it off great this time round!!!....

Justin's mocha birthday cake

Cavan and Uncle Yo-yo with their signature yo-yo sign
(why uncle yo-yo? coz he was the one that taught him that sign and the yo-yo stuck from thereon...)

Missing members that did not and could not join us is Kok Seng who joined us for the 1st gathering last year. Thereafter, no sight of him watsoever that after our 2 - 3 gatherings, all of us gave up on calling him out. The other member is Chee Meng who went to Indonesia to cari makan.

With Justin's birthday celebration this early start of Jan-09 marks our complete cycle of birthday gatherings that we had throughout the whole of last Year-2008 (started with Hiew-san's birthday in Feb-08) where we made promises to come out for gathering on each other's birthday month.

We MADE it through the year guys and gals!! Hope that our frenship and bond remains strong forever....


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