Friday, January 30, 2009

My 'lil Lion Dancer

Cavan enjoys this year's Chinese New Year very much. Seeing him so in the mood brings back those feelings I have when I'm younger and enjoys each new year. As I grow older those feelings just seems to get further and further...

Few days before Chinese New Year, we managed to catch live lion dance performance at the malls and ever since then Cavan has been lion dance struck and he'll pretend to be the lion and dance around.

Remembering that my late Aunt Chris bought lions head for my cousin Kingston and nephew Nicklaus to play before, we went and dug out those lion head and found not one but two!! It came with a drum as well :) All these were bought more than 10 years ago and it's still like brand new!!

Since then, Cavan has been dancing to the beats of the drum day and night.....


I'm Starry Eyed!

Only friends that are close to me will know that I have one relative who is an actress, a STAR. I still remember after my wedding dinner reception, some colleagues were asking what relationship this actress has with my family?

During my younger days, I dont even realised that she is an actress although I see her on and off. She's famous for her role in 4 Sekawan. Now, each year during CNY we will go and visit her at her home in United Garden, Old Klang Road.

She's non other than Lai Meng aka my Yee Poh, my son's Yee Tai Poh, my mum's Ah Yee which translate to my maternal grandmother's sister! You go figure... :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Surprise Surprise!!

Each day when I ask Cavan what did you do in school today or what did teacher teach you? His reply will be "play loh" or "nothing lar". That's all the answer I can pry from him. He just dont want to tell me but when he is in his chatty good mood, he will start to blurt out a thing or two of what he did in school as in ABCD, mummy sing ABCD for me coz teacher sang in school...

Today he was sitting at the sofa and I noticed he was mumbling ka singing ka I dunno coz I wasnt really paying attention on him. Thus, when I passed by he called out and told me "mummy, i'm singing Chinese New Year song"... Aaahhh, this caught my interest! and I asked him what song you're singing, come and sing for mummy to hear and this is what he sang...


Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Niu Year! moo...moo...moo....

Happy Niu Year!

May this moo-moo year brings us joy, keep us in the pinkest of health and shower us with wealth!! :p

**"Niu" means an ox in Chinese and sounds similar to the English word "new". And people are using it creatively to wish relatives and friends a Happy New Year. The ox is one of the 12-year-cycle animals in the Chinese lunar calendar. It symbolizes prosperity through fortitude and hard work, and the passage of a particularly troublesome year explains people's love for the animal.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

CNY Post

This year is a big mad rush for me to prepare for CNY. Only started making cookies and snacks one week before CNY and dont even mentioned about house spring cleaning... I just spring clean whenever I could in between times that I can find!

On top of it, I was down with sore throat and flu and this is NOT helping me to clear my backlog piling up at home :(

Watever it is, CNY is here and this is what we've (mum and myself) made...

fried arrowheads

cornflakes crackle

vanilla kipperl aka almond biscuits

all time favourite peanut cookies (made from ground nuts)

CNY is not without any pussy willows. I just lurve this plant and will get my hands on them without fail each year. Even these are bought 5 days before CNY!!!.... nevermind they are "skinny" a bit but very cheap ooohhh. Got it for only RM9.90 per bunch (normal price is RM16) at Ikea. Glad that it started to bloom when I gave them ice. Yeap, that's rite! It's ice cubes I shower them with.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

33 and playful as ever!...

We celebrated Justin's birthday on Friday, January 16th after work.

The initial plan was to go to Bukit Tinggi BBQ (halfway to Genting) for dinner followed by yum-cha in Genting itself. Due to the busy schedule of everyone in Jan-09, this idea was shelved and another venue came up called the "Farm" Restaurant where we were supposed to pick our vegetables ourselves and followed with yum-cha on top of a hill somewhere in Ulu Ampang?

Everything set but then Justin became nostalgic and suggested that we all go to this Mizi Steamboat Restaurant, Metro Prima Kepong where our get together started last year. All were in favour since it is after work, we dont have to rush back down to Ampang area.

Dinner is great albeit I could not take as much photos as I wanted coz my camera battery died on me (yeh yeh I know, I should have check or at least charge it up a bit...). Anyway, we as usual had a fabulous dinner. Giap did not join us for dinner but he came later before we finish our meal as he had to attend his Company's Annual Dinner. He's the organiser, so we sort of waited for him to arrive to pay our bills! hehehehe.... He came with rosy cheeks!!, grinning from ear to ear and talking non-stop! Ha! yes he was a bit tipsy... :)

We then wanted to adjourn to our initial plan that is the hill in Ulu Ampang but shelved it also coz by the time we reach there it would be mid-nite!... Justin again suggested we go to Prince Cafe (right behind the steamboat restaurant). This is the cafe where we had our after dinner drinks the 1st time as well. We could not get back our "old" seat thus sat near the entrance. Without failure, the two kiddos entertained us with their antics and they hit it off great this time round!!!....

Justin's mocha birthday cake

Cavan and Uncle Yo-yo with their signature yo-yo sign
(why uncle yo-yo? coz he was the one that taught him that sign and the yo-yo stuck from thereon...)

Missing members that did not and could not join us is Kok Seng who joined us for the 1st gathering last year. Thereafter, no sight of him watsoever that after our 2 - 3 gatherings, all of us gave up on calling him out. The other member is Chee Meng who went to Indonesia to cari makan.

With Justin's birthday celebration this early start of Jan-09 marks our complete cycle of birthday gatherings that we had throughout the whole of last Year-2008 (started with Hiew-san's birthday in Feb-08) where we made promises to come out for gathering on each other's birthday month.

We MADE it through the year guys and gals!! Hope that our frenship and bond remains strong forever....

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cavan in traditional Baju Melayu

I love these pix of my boy wearing the Baju Melayu. Got it for him for my cousin sister's wedding.

Missing is the songkok....

Cousin Sista, you're married!

CONGRATULATIONS to my cousin sister Suliza (better known nowadays with the nickname of "Soul" vs childhood nickname of "Lizot" which we used to teased her with) and her beau Najeeb :)

Both of you were stunning on both days!

10 January 2009 marked the solemnisation (akad nikah) which were held at her house in Bandar Tun Razak, Cheras. We even had a chinese customary tea ceremony thereafter. Liza is my last gal cousin to get married (my generation maternal side).

Akad Nikah @ home
Its something really different I guess with us doing the tea ceremony for a Malay wedding. A unique twist to the traditional do's of a wedding. I hope her husband enjoyed himself during the tea ceremony coz we all sure did! :)

we all dressed up for the tea ceremony :)

The following day, 11 January 2009 is the wedding reception (kenduri) held at Kompleks Sukan in Bandar Tun Razak.

The hall was decorated beautifully with gold themed. Both the bride and groom is obsolutely gorgeous, very very leng lui and leng chai, king and queen for the day as they sat at the dais facing the guests for the merinjis ceremony.

Groom Najeeb & Bride Suliza seated at the banquet table

We also got lots and lots of favours all handmade by her elder sista Surina.

wedding favours and the above is only part of, there were loads!!

In memory of my late aunt Sue and uncle Haron, I know you're beaming with proud from above seeing Liza getting married...

Selamat Pengantin Baru Jeeb and Liza! :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Busy, Busy, Bu-zy!!

Year 2009 seems to be the most busiest headstart for me.

On the roll now :

1 Jan 2009 - Hubby's hometown friends gathering in Klang
5 Jan 2009 - Cavan start kindy
10 Jan 2009 - Cousin Sista's solemnisation & Tea Ceremony in Cheras
11 Jan 2009 - Cousin Sista's wedding kenduri in Cheras (bride's side)
16 Jan 2009 - "Senior Citizen" Justin's Birthday Celebration
24 Jan 2009 - Early reunion dinner with my parents in BRP
25 Jan 2009 - Reunion dinner with my in-laws in Jenjarum
29 Jan 2009 - "Senior Citizen" Hugo's Birthday Celebration cum yearly CNY loh sang
30 Jan 2009 - Cousin Sista's wedding kenduri in Keramat (groom's side)
31 Jan 2009 - Father in-law's birthday celebration cum yearly family loh sang

There you go, the month of Jan-09 is FULL of activities for me!!! How la to think about diet!!??

To add to it, I need to readjust my timings each day since Cavan started kindy. My workload increased which I'm not complaining much (it's always better to be busy than having nothing to do and watch the clock goes tick tock tick tock....), not helping is the extended working hour from 5pm to 6pm effective this year :(

Then there's CNY preparation which I am so so late!!... The house is not cleaned thoroughly, cookies not baked yet and the list goes on..... *sigh*

Thursday, January 15, 2009

On the road to Independence

Week 2 ~
Separation from Cavan after getting him into class is getting better and better. Today, I'm able to leave right after bringing him to his classrom. Still working on just dropping him off at the entrance tho...

Tomorrow is the last day of school for the week. I wonder what will happen comes Monday? will it be smooth sailing, getting better or it's back to slightly square one where the usual "song" in the morning are those manja-manja squeaky voice together with the repeated chorus of "I dont want to go to school!!??" which only last for a few mins and once dressed up and in the school compound, the chorus is lost and will only surface again the next morning...

Friday, January 09, 2009

Reality Struck

I think it's reality that struck Cavan for him to behave all teary eyes and crying from Day 2 onwards.

Day 1 at kindy went smooth as reported but Day 2 he was teary eyed for a second when he realised I'm not there at all (in actual fact I was hiding after telling him I'm going to work). I went to him and immediately you can see his face is happy and hugged me real tight!. Then he wipe away his tears and I told him, come let mummy wipe for you. His response : no need mummy, I'm okay while hugging me again and patting me on my back. Whoa! this boy who is teary eyed is now patting my back as tho I'm the one that needed assurance hahaha...

Day 3 a bit teruk, cried a bit then calmed down. After Im sure he has calmed down (hiding all these while) I went to work. He went home and told his Poh Poh he cried.

Day 4 didnt want his daddy to fetch him to school. Out of the house was okay and somemore reminded his Poh Poh to wait for him at the guardhouse. Once in the car, reality struck him again and he's crying non-stop, daddy cannot handle him. So this mummy no choice got to bring him to school and accompany him to class. After awhile, both daddy and mummy left with him arms streching out, tears rolling down and screaming "Mummy, Mummy, I want you!..." Both of us just left (cruel cold hearted huh...)

Day 5 morning today. Everything went well, took bath then reality struck again! Said he didnt want to go to school. Practically drag him to the car and out of it! Accompanied him again to the class. After awhile told him I'm going washrom. He was okay. Reminded me to come back after washroom and play with him. When I went back to his class, his teacher told me he refuse to let anyone touch the toys he made coz he want to show me. Then I caught him wiping tears and asked "You're crying?". His reply to my amazement : "No, I'm not crying. My eyes pain that's why I rub my eyes!"

After chatting with his teacher for 10 minutes, I told Cavan : Mummy going to work. You stay here and play with your friends. If there's anything, tell teacher and she will call mummy. I expected him to start all over again teary eyed and cry but he kept nodding his head and said okay albeit you can see he's sad. Hugged and kissed him. Ask him to kiss me he dont want, just stared down on the floor sad sad face. Then he rub/wipe his eyes again. I asked him, your eyes pain again ahh?...then need to see doctor loh... I said goodbye to him. While going down the stairs, I can see he's looking at me and I hurriedly went down without a second glance back!

Called home and he told me he didnt cry and got a present for me. Must be the sea shell that I helped him decorate earlier :)

Looks good to me so far. I know he's not used to me not beside him as previous classes he attended at Kindermusik and Shichida has parents around with their child. Keeping fingers cross that comes Monday, Cavan will take another step towards independence!

pppssttt.... gals are much more matured to boys. It's the boys that crying and sobbing in class while the gals are happily playing around!!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Off to kindy.....

My lil Prince has grown so much over the last 3 years. It seems just like yesterday that I gave birth to him...... Hahaha...this is such an overused sentence dont you agree? but it's true if you reflect on it.

Today marks a new chapter for Cavan ~ he started kindergarten. All went well, no screaming, kicking, crying. Nothing. It's just a smooth sailing journey for him and us. He's quite steady. Left him at his class after awhile of lingering. Sneaked peeks at him from afar, hiding behind pillars and such and he's okay. Took stuff to play and return back to original places. At times, saw him looking down as tho in search of me??...

Although I'm off today, I did not drive him home. Instead I told him that "Uncle Chin" the transporter will fetch him home. Yep, he saw me when he boarded Uncle Chin's car but no fuss from him whatsoever. My "brain washing" has paid off! hehehehe.... I've been telling him about school, that he goes to school to make friends, play and learn while daddy and mummy goes to work. After school, uncle will drive him home and Poh Poh will be waiting for him at the guardhouse.

One thing I've observed tho is that my boy is a lone ranger. Others sit together but he took his stuff and sat all by himself. Contented just playing himself. Guess he needs time to warm up and speak up.

All in all, I'm glad to report that Cavan's 1st day at school is a success!!

Boy, you make me a proud mama!!

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