Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mumm Mumm Mumm @ Jogoya

After two dates postponement, we finally agreed and settled with 8 December 2008 as the day to gather yet again to celebrate our "youngest" senior citizen member, Ms Loo Kah Lai's birthday. Youngest in the sense that her month of birth is the "youngest" amongst us all but not in age. Mr Ng Yew Giap or better known as Old Giap is still the youngest in terms of age!

Ooh not forgetting that Old Giap actually organised this round's gathering, youngest organising for the youngest... and this organiser actually made us all went head spinning as to when is the actual date to meet!! To cut the long story short, on actual day most of us are still wondering whether the gathering is on or not! You go figure what happened in between the planning! hehehe...

The venue is again another buffet dinner as birthday girl promoted strongly about this venue months before but this time in a high class area ~ Jogoya @ Starhill.

Picture paints a thousand words.....

We had fun with these metal clips and VIP slips.

Birthday girl had Jogoya's VIP card which entitles us to eat VIP dishes. The whole group of us kept targetting at this

and this

Although liquor is served, we consumed more coconut than an ordinary day. I think on av
erage, each of us had 3 coconuts each!

The night ended with us all carrying a tummy load full of food that will take some time to digest. On our way out of Starhill, Ning Baizura serenaded us with lovely songs.


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