Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We went to Malacca for a day trip.

The day did not start out real good as hubby missed the turn off into Ayer Keroh and we headed straight to Jasin to make a really long U-turn!

OK nevermind bout this, we just "makan angin"...then back on track heading into the tol booth was already jam packed. Still alright, it's long weekend with Public Holiday the next day. After parking our car and waiting or "hunting" for my aunt's car which missed the turn off into the car park (alright another long story cut short ~ due to the jam, mother walked and locate them to bring them back to the parking lot! hahaha...) Oh yah, mother got Malacca roots so quite familiar with the roads there...

Headed for lunch. I wanted to try the famous Chicken Rice Balls but oh my, look at the que with umbrella somemore!! (each time I'm in Malacca for one reason or another I never get to try this!!)

Forget about it. We just headed for a restaurant nearby and had nyonya food.

After lunch, we headed to Jonker Walk and walked a bit. Then, it's time to head to my relative's home in Ujong Pasir. Goodness, it took us a few rounds before getting on the right track and about 1.5 hours to get out of the traffic madness in Jonker's Street!!! First time I'm in such a terrible jam in Malacca.

All in, did not get to see much of Malacca. Did not get to eat what I wanted but managed to get my childhood fav candy, the Tok-Tok candy and Nyonya Chang :) Most of the time was wasted on the road throughout the day. Never will I go into Malacca again on such long holidays!


Kah Lai said...

The nyonya chung looks very tempting...might give it a try..

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