Sunday, December 21, 2008

Golds (bones) picking

I went with my parents, other aunties and uncle to the crematorium to bring my 3rd aunt's bones to Nilai for the last burial site.

My 1st time picking golds (bones) actually. Interesting as those bones that are of pure white means you are well not sick. Whereas bones that you can see that has ant's nest likeness are those where the illness attacked. There's a piece of bone that I saw which is pinkish in colour. According to the undertaker, it was the medication that my aunt took.

They dont call it picking bones but picking golds. Am still not used to Sam Yee being not around, wonder what she's doing now? Met up with my grandmother, grandfather, 2nd aunt, 6th aunt and uncle??

Guess it's not only me but my family members as well to get used to her not being around anymore....


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