Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Darniest Line and Getting More "Small Gas"

This is about Cavan.

1st scenario ~ the darniest line!!

Friends were over at our home for a Christmas Pot Luck. Justin jokingly asked Cavan to call him "Kai Yeh" and Cavan's response was : You got money or not??

Gosh, all of us were stunned!!!! Luckily this boy answered straight away, if not everyone thinks we taught him to ask that question. Cavan dont know what's the meaning of "kai yeh". We usually use this phrase (You got money or not?) on Cavan when he request us (parents) to buy him stuff when we're out shopping.....

What an "appropriate" response from him huh.... I call you Kai Yeh got terms one....hahahaha...
*Kai Yeh = god father

2nd scenario ~ being "small gas"

I saw Cavan taking out his pillow, bloster and blanket and asked him where he's going. He replied me, going to Poh Poh's room. Oh well, nothing unusual since sometimes he goes over to my mum's room and sleep.

Little did I know there's a story behind it when my mum told me later. He went to my mum's room with his stuff and my mum asked him "Why you bring your stuff over?" Cavan's reply : I'm angry with daddy coz he said I turn on the volume of the radio too loud!!

OMG!! this little kiddo got upset with his dad just because his dad asked him to lower down the volume of the radio! and he retaliate by taking his stuff in protest to show that he's not gonna sleep in the same room as his dad!

Really must be careful with this kid. Imagine what he'll do when he's all grown up.... I dare not think about it!


Soulie said...

haha the term also apply to kai ma i guess? so cute lah cavan merajuk...

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