Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Pot Luck @ Home

Besides our birthday gathering, "Senior Citizen" also arranged other get togethers such as Mooncake Festival and simple farewell to one of our Senior Citizen member who flew to Indonesia to work. Thus this Christmas instead of having our get together outside, we planned to have it done at home coz "it feels more like Christmas" according to one of our Senior Citizen, Mr Justin.

1st hurdle was the dates! Really difficult to find a good date for everyone and at last we settled for December 23rd. Since most of us are working on this day, we agreed on a Christmas Pot Luck. Menu include tapau-ing KFC, Pizza and Satay. Home made would be Christmas Cake (fruit cake), potato and garden salad. Dessert is fruits, all sorts!

2nd was the gift exchange. The requirement set is to get something that is non-edible, something that can be cheerish and remembered. The gift must also be suitable for both genders as we do not know who will be getting the gift until we pick the lucky number that night.

We started off on time and everyone had a great time with two kiddos entertaining us. Gift exchange was fun as we tear open our gift and find our surprise. In fact, all the gifts are not bad at all....

After everyone headed home, it was clean-up as usual for me before knocking off for the day. Merry Christmas everyone and hope more gathering of such will take place next year!


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