Monday, December 15, 2008

Au Revoir Aunty Chris

Now is 3.00am and I just came back from Selayang Hospital.

My 3rd aunt passed away at 12.20am today. My whole family visited her earlier in the day and she was doing fine albeit very weak. In fact, she sat up by herself and spoke to us very briefly asking what time it was and that she dont understand why she is in her current situation. At times, she's confuse and seem not to recognise anyone but at times she speak sense as well. The doctor even advised us of her condition and we do understand having lost 2 family members due to the same illness but different causes. The shock is that I didnt expect it to be today!!

I'm sad that no one was beside her before she go but glad that she did not suffer much during those last moments and glad for her as well that she will not suffer anymore after battling the illness which started to turn really bad for the last 3-4 months.

We saw her before the doctor came to formally announce the death and to start the required paperwork procedure. We even accompanied the body to the Forensic Department before we left home.

We will miss you dearly Sam Yee, au revoir...


Soulie said...

I'm so sad that me and Rina didn't have the chance to visit Sam Yee. We will go to Sg Buloh to pay our last respect to her.

Caffelatte or Caffeaulait said...

Our dear Aunt Chris or fondly known as Sam Yee, gone but not forgotten. She has suffered bravely and may she rest in peace.
I dont know how to word what i am thinkin and how i feel at this moment because i am so sad and i am at such a loss of words right now...

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