Friday, November 28, 2008

Pain & hole in my pocket!

I hate going to the dentist! Can still remember during childhood that I will start to cry a day before the dentist appointment and the crying will continue right when I'm seated on the chair and the dentist is checking my teeth out!!

Hiks! Now I can't cry but to put on a brave face.... so yesterday after bearing with some discomfort pain over the last few days, I went to the dentist. My suspicion is confirmed, it is my wisdom tooth that is giving me problem.

1st "advice" from the dentist, the wisdom tooth need to be pulled out! Aarrgghhh... surely there'll be some other way? Right!, the only way now is to do a minor surgery where she will cut my gums that is covering the wisdom tooth and clean the whole area. Go back home and finish up the antibiotic and pray that the tooth won't give me anymore problem. If problem persists, no other way but to extract it out!

Of course I opted for the 2nd "advice". All in all, I was only on the dentist chair for a mere 10 minutes for the whole procedure and this cost me a whooping RM225! I've even enquired if to extract the whole tooth out? - it'll cost RM500!! OMG!!!

I've now paid for the procedure and is still suffering from swell, pain and discomfort!! This is worse than giving birth!!


dEarDaNieL said...

aiks...felt the pain like you. going to the dentist is the biggest fear and the scariest thing in my life..take care ya..

Soulie said...

ouhhh! i hate dentist as well! hope u'll feel better soon

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