Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gastroenteritis - what a mouthful!!

Today is Cavan's actual birthday. We celebrated his birthday earlier with in-laws and even had a BBQ birthday for him last Saturday.

Our plan was to surprised him with a small cake for him to blow the candles today, his actual birthdate. However all plans went awry when he woke up this morning at around 6am and told me that he's not feeling well, that he wanted to throw up. At the same time he also said his tummy is painful.

After his bottle of milk, indeed he did throw up and it did not stop after two rounds but continued!!! I got no choice but to leave him at home with my mum and niece and went to work to handle some stuff as my colleague is on leave. By the time I reached home lunch time, he's been throwing up non-stop each time after consuming water. The usual cheeky, talkative toddler is now just sitting down moody, gloomy and quiet.

Called his paed (Dr. Musa) but found out that he's on emergency leave and was referred to another paed. Upon consultation with her (Dr. Soh), we were advised to admit him for drip as he seems to be suffering from Acute Gastroenteritis and at the same time, his temperature has started to rise.

I'm more calm this time unlike previous. I'm also proud of Cavan as today he did not even whimper when the paed was inserting the drip needle and wrapped his hand to give him his special hand. I still remember clearly early last year where it took 4-5 person to hold him down for this simple procedure!! He really is a big boy now :)

Cavan's "special hand"

Surprisingly, he started to be talkative after the simple procedure when he returned to his ward. He kept up this momentum till he drifted off to sleep. Although his food intake is close to NIL (he only ate a bit of carrot which he threw up with all the water he took later), the drip will help him through this night.

settling into his hospital bed

dinner is served, however Cavan only managed to eat some carrots

Before bedtime, my parents bought 2 slices of cake and we sang him the Birthday Song. This would be another interesting chapter of his life where he celebrated his 3rd birthday in the hospital of all places!!!

Thank you Kong-Kong and Poh-poh for sponsoring Cavan's cake

That's Cavan on his 3rd birthday @ Damansara Specialist Hospital Ward #285


Kah Lai said...

Didn't expect it's lil cavan in hospital, tot it's your aunt. How's the little boy doing? Hope everything is ok now...

Kah Lai said...

thanks for the bbq invite. had a great time! lots of yummy food...

Soulie said...

poor cavan...hope he's getting better. but happy to see his cute birthday posed!

dEarDaNieL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dEarDaNieL said...

hang there dear, take good care of urself while you need to take care of Cavan. Hope he get well soon.

Anonymous said...

You sure do Big Boy!

You make your parent proud.

Get well soon!

Auntie Sandy

life-muses said...

Thank you all for the wishes...

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