Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fruity Nutty Dessert

Made this apple caramel coated with peanuts for Cavan's BBQ Birthday tonight. Got this simple recipe from the net.

Crappy photos quality due to insufficient daylight in my kitchen and lazy to lugged out the dSLR just for a few shots.

green apples scoped using a melon scooper and drizzled with lemon juice

coated the apples with caramel
(i dabbed the lemon juice away before dipping into the caramel)

and then coat it with peanuts

placed them in cupcake casings and we're done!

Need to use smaller cupcake casing but since I still have casings from my previous cupcake bakings, didn't want to waste $$ to get smaller ones just for this.

Now it's being chilled before time to serve them. Hope everyone likes it! :)


Apple said...

Hey, looks delicious. By the way, would like to wish Happy Birthday to Cavan in advance.

alamanda said...

enjoyed the fruitty nutty dessert , next time make more . i wanted to tapow some last nite but shy la !!!!!

dEarDaNieL said...

hey, looks real delicious leh...unfortunately din got to taste it..should i move n be your neighbour ar? hehehe....

life-muses said...

aunty yvonne, thanks for the Birthday wish ~ lil cavan

audra - you should have said that you wanted it. no need shy shy want... :) im still drooling over aunty janet's potato salad!! hehehe..

alicia - i think i will tumpang your food more if you move and become my neighbour hahaha...

audra said...

ok next time we will swap food ah . i think i will just go make myself some . long holidays so what the heck but i will throw in some walnuts , a dash of lime or lemon and cinnamon and see how it goes !!!
so when is the next bbq . the crowd was just right and i really ate slowly . time went slow for me that day , trying out all the food . goo job karen!!!!!!!!!!!

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