Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fab Time @ Nuffnang Frisco Family Day Out

TODAY is the day. The day of Nuffnang Frisco Family Day Out @ KizSports & Gym, One Utama.

Our day started with waking up Cavan with the playhouse disney "Wakey Wakey Up Cavan, playhouse disney..." song.

Got ready and headed to One Utama. Upon registration, Cavan were given a t-shirt to change into. Snap picture at the entrance and step foot into KizSports. From there onwards, we lost track of time!

Kids were running all over the place enjoying the facilities. It was a tough time getting everyone together and hearing the announcements. Kids were divided by coloured sticker for various activites which includes chicken dance, limbo, etc..

kiddos doing the chicken dance

Parents were not left out as there were talks on Nutrition and Parenting but alas I was not able to sit through the whole session as Cavan wanted to go here and there and wanted to find food coz he was hungry!! (after taking breakfast not too long ago??!!) Not to mention that I was there alone with him as hubby had to conduct a training session before joining us later.... so there goes the talk and cam-whoring that I intented.

Parent blogger Chan Lilian

Quite tiring going after a 3 year old who wants to play but then hesitate, has 2nd thought changed his mind, and continued to walk here and there dunno what he wants to do hahahaha.... So what I did, I lured him to the colouring contest. No intention of winning but to get him to sit still at least for a mere 15 minutes (hopefully) so that his tired mummy's leg can rest! :p

He coloured a bit with of course mummy's help and then his eyes started to roam again and said let's go out to the play area... You see there were a lot of activities and he's just so curious to absorb it all!... So out to the play area we go again....

By this time hubby called and inform he's on his way.

Lunch is served for the kiddos and parents at different area. Took Cavan to the Snack Area and from his look, can see that he enjoyed his lunch thoroughly. Oh yeah, there were free flow of Dutch Lady's Iced Latte, my favourite!! :)

After lunch, we were entertained by Mr Banana the magician. Everyone enjoyed the show tremendously especially the kids. This was followed by prize giving ceremony and last but not least the grand prize winner to a fully sponsored 3D2N Trip to Disneyland Hong Kong.

getting ready for the magic show to start and Cavan with yours truly

Mr Banana the magician

Although we did not win anything, we had a great time there and by the end of agenda, Cavan is dropping off to dreamland already...

Before we leave, we were given goody bag and no prize for guessing what's in it!
Thank you to Nuffnang and Dutch Lady for this great day out!


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