Monday, November 17, 2008

BBQ Birthday for Cavan

We had an early birthday celebration for Cavan on 15 November 2008. From morning till early evening it was raining. Good also as we'll be having BBQ that night and the weather was perfect as it stopped raining late evening just in time for us to set the fire and start our BBQ!

Besides family members, we only invited my parents childhood friend, parents neighbour and Cavan's god-ma.

Even the cake for Cavan is kept simple with just "Bob the Builder" face drawn on a Pistachio mousse cake. He wanted both Bob the Builder and Thomas and Friends for his cake but we did not intent to order cake above 1kg thus settled for Bob the Builder.

Needless to say, this little boy enjoyed himself thoroughly. Even caught him "socialising" with the aunties at one point. He can hold up a conversation by himself!!

Boy oh boy, he has really grown up a lot and the best part was while we're cam-whoring him with his birthday cake, he loudly shouted "Ah Kim, Ah Gu come and take picture!!". He was calling for my sis-inlaw and brother to come out of the house and take picture with him coz everyone else already had their turn!! Cheeky huh....

Happy Birthday My Boy!!


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