Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fab Time @ Nuffnang Frisco Family Day Out

TODAY is the day. The day of Nuffnang Frisco Family Day Out @ KizSports & Gym, One Utama.

Our day started with waking up Cavan with the playhouse disney "Wakey Wakey Up Cavan, playhouse disney..." song.

Got ready and headed to One Utama. Upon registration, Cavan were given a t-shirt to change into. Snap picture at the entrance and step foot into KizSports. From there onwards, we lost track of time!

Kids were running all over the place enjoying the facilities. It was a tough time getting everyone together and hearing the announcements. Kids were divided by coloured sticker for various activites which includes chicken dance, limbo, etc..

kiddos doing the chicken dance

Parents were not left out as there were talks on Nutrition and Parenting but alas I was not able to sit through the whole session as Cavan wanted to go here and there and wanted to find food coz he was hungry!! (after taking breakfast not too long ago??!!) Not to mention that I was there alone with him as hubby had to conduct a training session before joining us later.... so there goes the talk and cam-whoring that I intented.

Parent blogger Chan Lilian

Quite tiring going after a 3 year old who wants to play but then hesitate, has 2nd thought changed his mind, and continued to walk here and there dunno what he wants to do hahahaha.... So what I did, I lured him to the colouring contest. No intention of winning but to get him to sit still at least for a mere 15 minutes (hopefully) so that his tired mummy's leg can rest! :p

He coloured a bit with of course mummy's help and then his eyes started to roam again and said let's go out to the play area... You see there were a lot of activities and he's just so curious to absorb it all!... So out to the play area we go again....

By this time hubby called and inform he's on his way.

Lunch is served for the kiddos and parents at different area. Took Cavan to the Snack Area and from his look, can see that he enjoyed his lunch thoroughly. Oh yeah, there were free flow of Dutch Lady's Iced Latte, my favourite!! :)

After lunch, we were entertained by Mr Banana the magician. Everyone enjoyed the show tremendously especially the kids. This was followed by prize giving ceremony and last but not least the grand prize winner to a fully sponsored 3D2N Trip to Disneyland Hong Kong.

getting ready for the magic show to start and Cavan with yours truly

Mr Banana the magician

Although we did not win anything, we had a great time there and by the end of agenda, Cavan is dropping off to dreamland already...

Before we leave, we were given goody bag and no prize for guessing what's in it!
Thank you to Nuffnang and Dutch Lady for this great day out!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Pain & hole in my pocket!

I hate going to the dentist! Can still remember during childhood that I will start to cry a day before the dentist appointment and the crying will continue right when I'm seated on the chair and the dentist is checking my teeth out!!

Hiks! Now I can't cry but to put on a brave face.... so yesterday after bearing with some discomfort pain over the last few days, I went to the dentist. My suspicion is confirmed, it is my wisdom tooth that is giving me problem.

1st "advice" from the dentist, the wisdom tooth need to be pulled out! Aarrgghhh... surely there'll be some other way? Right!, the only way now is to do a minor surgery where she will cut my gums that is covering the wisdom tooth and clean the whole area. Go back home and finish up the antibiotic and pray that the tooth won't give me anymore problem. If problem persists, no other way but to extract it out!

Of course I opted for the 2nd "advice". All in all, I was only on the dentist chair for a mere 10 minutes for the whole procedure and this cost me a whooping RM225! I've even enquired if to extract the whole tooth out? - it'll cost RM500!! OMG!!!

I've now paid for the procedure and is still suffering from swell, pain and discomfort!! This is worse than giving birth!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gastroenteritis - what a mouthful!!

Today is Cavan's actual birthday. We celebrated his birthday earlier with in-laws and even had a BBQ birthday for him last Saturday.

Our plan was to surprised him with a small cake for him to blow the candles today, his actual birthdate. However all plans went awry when he woke up this morning at around 6am and told me that he's not feeling well, that he wanted to throw up. At the same time he also said his tummy is painful.

After his bottle of milk, indeed he did throw up and it did not stop after two rounds but continued!!! I got no choice but to leave him at home with my mum and niece and went to work to handle some stuff as my colleague is on leave. By the time I reached home lunch time, he's been throwing up non-stop each time after consuming water. The usual cheeky, talkative toddler is now just sitting down moody, gloomy and quiet.

Called his paed (Dr. Musa) but found out that he's on emergency leave and was referred to another paed. Upon consultation with her (Dr. Soh), we were advised to admit him for drip as he seems to be suffering from Acute Gastroenteritis and at the same time, his temperature has started to rise.

I'm more calm this time unlike previous. I'm also proud of Cavan as today he did not even whimper when the paed was inserting the drip needle and wrapped his hand to give him his special hand. I still remember clearly early last year where it took 4-5 person to hold him down for this simple procedure!! He really is a big boy now :)

Cavan's "special hand"

Surprisingly, he started to be talkative after the simple procedure when he returned to his ward. He kept up this momentum till he drifted off to sleep. Although his food intake is close to NIL (he only ate a bit of carrot which he threw up with all the water he took later), the drip will help him through this night.

settling into his hospital bed

dinner is served, however Cavan only managed to eat some carrots

Before bedtime, my parents bought 2 slices of cake and we sang him the Birthday Song. This would be another interesting chapter of his life where he celebrated his 3rd birthday in the hospital of all places!!!

Thank you Kong-Kong and Poh-poh for sponsoring Cavan's cake

That's Cavan on his 3rd birthday @ Damansara Specialist Hospital Ward #285

Monday, November 17, 2008

BBQ Birthday for Cavan

We had an early birthday celebration for Cavan on 15 November 2008. From morning till early evening it was raining. Good also as we'll be having BBQ that night and the weather was perfect as it stopped raining late evening just in time for us to set the fire and start our BBQ!

Besides family members, we only invited my parents childhood friend, parents neighbour and Cavan's god-ma.

Even the cake for Cavan is kept simple with just "Bob the Builder" face drawn on a Pistachio mousse cake. He wanted both Bob the Builder and Thomas and Friends for his cake but we did not intent to order cake above 1kg thus settled for Bob the Builder.

Needless to say, this little boy enjoyed himself thoroughly. Even caught him "socialising" with the aunties at one point. He can hold up a conversation by himself!!

Boy oh boy, he has really grown up a lot and the best part was while we're cam-whoring him with his birthday cake, he loudly shouted "Ah Kim, Ah Gu come and take picture!!". He was calling for my sis-inlaw and brother to come out of the house and take picture with him coz everyone else already had their turn!! Cheeky huh....

Happy Birthday My Boy!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Frisco Brings My Family Out

Another chance to win goodies from Nuffnang/Frisco...why give it a miss right? as we never know when the lucky star is upon us :) Here goes!

Why Family Day is important for children. Let me first answer that Family Day is important not only to children but the whole family as well.

To me, Family Day is the day where everyone in the family can gather together and spend time with each other. In other words, we're stuck with each other la hahahaha.... Ok, seriously it's a great time for bonding and sharing.

Family can be your own family ie. mother, father and child(s) or you can even pull in your WHOLE family as in besides your own own family, your family as in your parents (in-law inclusive), brother, sister, cousin, etc... Am I getting you confuse already with the word FAMILY?? :p

Alright back to the original question, Family Day is important for children as it is a chance for the whole family to bond together, play together, eat together and most importantly after all this Family Day get-together, children feels LURVE!! and a sense of belonging. Let's not also missed how the other adults feel. I may generally put is as the adults will feel like a kid again especially when you play with your child. It is important to SEE and FEEL from a child's perpective!

Last but not least, at the end of the day, you can see your child's happiness coming out from within.... that sparkly smile in his/her eyes :D

Here is a happy BIG FAMILY photo of where we had a picnic.
see all that happy smiley faces??

and this, a happy family shot!

If indeed I do win the grand prize (ppsst.... I don't mind if I get the 32" SONY LCD!!!), I would love that all my family members go on this lovely vacation!! However, since FRISCO is fully sponsoring for only 2 adults and 2 children, my other lovely family members hear ye hear ye, wanna join, please sponsor yourself!! :p

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fruity Nutty Dessert

Made this apple caramel coated with peanuts for Cavan's BBQ Birthday tonight. Got this simple recipe from the net.

Crappy photos quality due to insufficient daylight in my kitchen and lazy to lugged out the dSLR just for a few shots.

green apples scoped using a melon scooper and drizzled with lemon juice

coated the apples with caramel
(i dabbed the lemon juice away before dipping into the caramel)

and then coat it with peanuts

placed them in cupcake casings and we're done!

Need to use smaller cupcake casing but since I still have casings from my previous cupcake bakings, didn't want to waste $$ to get smaller ones just for this.

Now it's being chilled before time to serve them. Hope everyone likes it! :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Simple Early Birthday Celebration

Last Sunday, headed back hubby's hometown and besides having the routine dinner with my in-laws, we had an early birthday celebration for Cavan as well.

Earlier in the day, I made cupcakes for this simple celebration. Glad to say the kiddos are happy with it :)

Some pics taken..

Typical must have during birthdays ~ red eggs made by MIL

3 candles to signify Cavan's 3rd birthday.
Not bad huh the cupcakes deco turn out with the lighted candles hehehe...

Cavan with his two cousins ~ Wayne (left) and Wylie (right)

My FIL, MIL, my mum, hubby and the kiddos

Sunday, November 09, 2008


Made cupcakes for Cavan to celebrate his 3rd birthday earlier with his Kong Kong and Mama today.

Tried a different recipe which is real simple. Wanted to make vanilla cupcakes but I forgot to get the vanilla essence. Luckily there's orange in my fridge and thus I changed it to orange cupcakes. Tastes great but my deco still need a lot of practice. The deco for now can only "cheat" kiddos hehehe...

cooled cupcakes waiting for pipping....

decorated cupcakes for a kiddo

High up in the High-lands!!

Redeemed the free one night stay at Genting's First World Hotel. Took 3 rooms - 2 deluxe and 1 standard.

Check-in is terrible. Official check-in time is 3pm...what they give you is a que number and the crowd is so great on a Monday, a weekday!!.... We only managed to get our rooms at 6.30pm!!!

Nothing much to do except enjoy the cool weather. Cavan took a great step in overcoming his fear of sitting in those kiddy rides. It was me who is nervous when he said he wanted to sit in those rides and parents are not allowed to follow. The one question that kept popping in my head is What if he start to cry when the ride start? How then?....

BUT, he really surprises all of us when he calmly went up and sat in the forklift and once the ride started he enjoyed himself thoroughly and asked for a second ride!! He has really grown up with less than 2 weeks to his 3rd birthday.

Will this be my Christmas pressie?

Dear Santa,

I've been a good gal this year. Will you deliver these to me?

psst... click on the image for more details!

Thank you very mucho!! Terima Kasih!!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Fraser's Hill

Over the long Deepavali's weekend, we had a family outing cum picnic at Fraser's Hill.

Started the journey around 9++ and we stopped at Kuala Kubu's dam. Very scenic view. Continued our journey and the ride up to Fraser is real winding. The new road is closed due to landslide thus we used the old road.

Planned to stop at the Gap Resthouse but alas it is under renovation. Nevertheless, timing is perfect as the time for cars to go up to the hill is open. Arrived at Fraser's Hill around noon.

We subsequently found out that every tourist attraction that they had there is under renovation!! This will last till June-09. So what did we do there?

We had........

Picnic on the hills!

With the cool breeze, it was an excellent way to spend time together as a family and have our picnic without the sweat!! :)

Decided then to try and see if any rooms are available to spend the night there (yeah we packed extra clothing) and is lucky to get rooms at Shahzan Inn.

It's a great destination for relaxing as the air is really fresh there!

my niece, son and nephew

On our way back to KL, we stopped at Rawang for lunch. The dishes are all so yummy... :)

smoked duck

steam fish


Seems that I'm on a food trail the past weeks!!

Today after going back to office to check on the tiles touch-up work, hubby myself and cavan headed to Old Klang Road for dinner. We went to this "no name hut" (coz I cant locate any name!!) located behind FGA Church.

What we ordered.....

"chiu-pai" taufu

friend tanghoon with bittergourd

fried hokkien mee

muar otak-otak

stir-fry "yau-mak"

Total damage is RM37++ for five dishes.

Great food but very very hot environment. Ohh, managed to snap this as well...the contact number :) and we spotted "Ho Chiak!!" were there before too...

err...the number should be the one on top kua ie. 03-79811972???
you try yourself la!
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