Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sawad dee kha - Phuket, Day 1


The flight is 12.45pm but it was an early start for us as we need to drop off Cavan at my parents house. Instead of taking the cab, we opted to try our SkyBus from KL Sentral as it was cheaper! :) Glad to say that their service is not bad. Depart on time, driver was not speeding and we arrived LCCT in one piece!

Massive traffic in LCCT, looks like another Pudu Raya Bus Station. Check-in is slow although we're number 2 in queue. Hubby need to finish off some work while waiting to board the plane and the bored me started to snap pics.

Arrive Phuket on time. The journey from airport to the hotel took almost 45 minutes. Cab fare cost us THB550 (RM55). Funny thing is the driver stop half way at a tourist shop apparently to "sign attendance"... ahhh, think we don't know meh the trick is to have the people inside come out to greet us and then to introduce various tour packages. True enough, this was what happened. After entertaining them with ahh, ok, we think about it, will give you a call if interested, bla bla bla we at last continued our journey to the hotel.

wires criss crossing all over the place a real common sight

Our hotel is located right opposite the Hospital and Police Station. Later I realised that our hotel is in the direction for Tsunami Evacuation Route! Talk about being "kia-si" hehehe... Anyway, hubby's first comment of our hotel when we entered the room....

hubby : not that nice hor

What you expect being a Superior room that comes with breakfast at a real nice price? Anyway, the room is okay. Just a bit plain and white. However, the surrounding is beautiful!

A definite must to take at least a dip in the pool and we have a balcony that looks out to this absolutely gorgeous swimming pool!
*oh yah, our room are those on the 1st floor see it?*

Rested awhile and we headed out by foot to.....

Before we knew it, we saw rain heading our way. Check out the sunny clear rectangle admist the cloudy rainy clouds! Hhmm... start to regret not taking the umbrella that was provided in our room.

Can't stay at the beach any longer, we walked and walked in the hunt for makan and shopping place and most important, a roof above us! Aha!! we found it....

Nice shopping mall with Robinsons having discount upto 90%! hehehe... but drainage system poor when it rained heavily coz the open air walkway in between the buildings were flooded!

We proceeded for early dinner MAL time 6.30pm THL time 5.30pm! at their Food Court. Surprisingly the food turns out alright :)

Egg noodle with homemade fish balls THB50 (RM5)

The noodle is springy, the soup is "sweet" (cheng tim) and the fish balls are very normal to me. Noodle and soup a-okay!

Papaya salad with pork skin THB60 (RM6)

Pork skin no pork taste nor smell but real crispy. Occured to me that their Food Court is not "Halal".

After dinner, the rain stopped and we went back to Bang La Road. Now it starts to be "happening". Lots and lots of bars and shops selling items from souveniors, clothes, bags, etc... cum street vendor selling knick knacks to BBQ food (actually grill food on a satay stick).

One more thing that's a common sight along the shops are massage parlour. We spotted one that offers THB200 (RM20) for foot, thai or oil massage for an hour. The cheapest of all the parlours we came across and decided to try them out. Both of us went for the Thai massage.

Fresher now, we continued our exploration and ended up at a Tour Information Booth and took a look at the tours offered. Paid for a Phang Nga Bay - Hong, Panak, Lawa & James Bond Island Tour that has a canoe ride into the caves. The canoe ride attracted me big time! Cost THB1100 (RM110) per pax after endless negotiations. Transport and lunch included. Did they cut our throat? Don't know as a few that we asked were about the same price. At the same time, we made reservations for the FantaSea Show on Saturday. Standard rate they offer but gave us discount. I think the discount is also standard for all!! In the end, we are paying THB1700 (RM170) per pax for this dinner and show. The price stated was THB1900 (RM190) per pax and transport was supposed to be THB150 (RM15) but now it's included. For show only is THB1500 (RM150). Well since already in Phuket, can't be missing this out right?

Food hunting now after settling the tour package.... we are in search of Tom Yam Kung... Found a row of stalls and price range is reasonable.

The coconut cost only THB40 (RM4). Even our local resort in Malaysia is selling at RM7!

Seafood fried rice THB50 (RM5)

Tom Yam Kung THB100 (RM10)

Satisfied, we are now ready to call it a day and head back to our hotel. Opposite our hotel, there's fruit stall and thus we bought our dessert - longans THB70 (RM7) for 1kg. Sweet and crunchy.

There, this is our 1st day at the Land of Smiles and my first time blogging away from home! Well, there equipment ie. notebook and free wi-fi. Why waste it!

Latree sawad kha (Good night) for now as tomorrow will be a full day for us as the tour starts at 8.00am and ends at 5.00pm.

Until the next post...


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