Friday, October 17, 2008

Phuket Fantasea

This is what they called a "cannot miss show" if you're in Phuket ie. the "Fantasea". Huge billboards of Fantasea can be found on the roads as we're travelling from the airport to the hotel since stepping foot on Thai's soil.

big advert along the road

The price is quite deep too considering THB1500 (RM150) for the show alone and THB1900 (RM190) for show and dinner. As mentioned in my earlier post, we bargained and got it at THB1700 (RM170) for show and dinner cum return transfer! Hubby was quite reluctant to go actually but I was saying "I wanna go and see, I wanna go and see" even before landing in Phuket!! hehehe... Well, to me its the experience and one in a lifetime thingy-- no more next time.

Today 3rd day in Phuket. We woke up a bit late due to previous day activity and skipped our breakfast in hotel. We opted instead to scroll thru their streets once again and try out their breakfast. Alas, not much choice and the sun is already shining so brightly that we decided we need cover and thus choose a bakery on Bang La Road to have our brunch.

banana cake, smoked chicken breast sandwich & latte

Tummy satisfied, we continued to walk thru the streets heading to areas that we're yet to explore. Patong Beach is now full of people and they are either sunbathing, playing water activites or relaxing on the rented sunbeds.

rows and rows of sunbeds under the scorching sun

Not able to stand the scorching sun, we went in search of coconut water and decided to head back to our hotel to rest, relax at the jacuzzi and get ready for our evening event.

Fantasea is like a mini Euro-Disney to me. Lots of glitter, cartonny character (well a bit eerie due to mystic & myth), lights and sounds! After getting our tickets we headed to the Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant and on the way, we stopped and snap some pics.

mascots greeted us as we enter into the mystic and myth world

colourful background

I was shocked when I entered the Golden Kinnaree. It's like we're in a luxury canteen!! There's rows and rows of table and chairs. It's huge! and I'm really disappointed. The dinner is not worth it :(

the Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant

high class canteen

Some bites later we were out and continued cam-whoring before entering the Palace of the Elephants Theater located just right opposite the Golden Kinnaree Restaurant. Impressive and their crowd control is great. The middle courtyard between the Restaurant and Theater has elephants ride. Payable of course!

entrance to the Palace of the Elephants

No cameras, mobile phones or any recording devices is allowed in the Theater. Deposited our stuff. The show is great as they use live stocks!! You see chicken running across the stage, buffalos, tiger, doves flying above you and of course their magnificent beast - elephants! I would rate it as average. Have not seen it go see it for yourself but don't take the dinner package.

courtyard outside the Palace of the Elephants

We requested our transfer to drop us at Bang La Road where we continued to soak in the sounds and sights. Being a Saturday night, more happening la... We then went for another massage. This time I tried their foot massage and did manicure pedicure while hubby stayed with the Thai massage.

Satisfied we headed back to the hotel and 'tapau' our supper (safe to walk the street @ 1.30am!) consisting a bottle of Singha Beer (real cheap!), grill fish and meatballs. The meatballs is funny coz inside is mixed with 'tanghoon', not nice at all but the grill catfish is super duper yummy!! Tonight is also the 1st time we drank alcoholic stuff :)

street peddlers selling grill stuff

our supper : meatball, grilled fish and Singha beer

Reality approaching real soon.....


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