Thursday, October 02, 2008

KL Bird Park, Lake Gardens

Still on Public Holiday - 2nd day of Raya, we went to KL Bird Park @ Lake Gardens. Gosh, it's been so so long since I last step foot in this place ~ Garden in the City Centre. Very lacking nowadays to find a garden in the city, a very pleasant view admist all the concrete jungle.

Our target was to visit the Bird Park and the Deer Park (do they call it Deer Park??). Anyway, by the time we're done @ the Bird Park, it's already slightly past 4pm. Too tired and poor boy is half sleeping when we made it back to our car!

Side note, the last I went to the "Deer Park" it was opposite the Orchid Garden. The Bird Park's entrance is now the opposite the Orchid Garden. They don't have deer park anymore?? :( Well, I'll find out the next trip here as we're targetting to bring Cavan to see Tugu Negara, Parliment House, etc.. Well, that was what my parents brought me to see when I was a child! Not like nowadays where the kids tell you to go Ikano, 1U, shopping!!

Some pics to feast your eyes :)

all geared up for the walk

we were greeted by this fella *ooppsss* wrong side!

ahhh, this is more like it.
beautiful proud peacock that shimmers it's feathers at us

colourful parrots eating "kuaci" ie. sunflower seed

drinking condensed milk


Yvonne said...

Without reading your next post, already knew you have bought your new cam. Nice shot! :)

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