Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Andaman Sea - Phang Nga Bay (Day 2)

Continuing from my very short post on Phang Nga Bay Sea Canoe Trip on Day 2.

Phang Nga Bay is located in the Andaman Sea. We visited 4 islands here namely Hong, Panak, James Bond and Lawa Island. Here, the islands are not affected by the Tsunami that struck Phuket in Year 2004 due to the many islands that shelter it.

We started early with our transfer picking us up from the Hotel at 8.20am. Around 9.30am our escort boat departed from Por Pier and 1st stop was Panak Island.

Onboard the boat, we were given free flow of soft drinks, tea and coffee. Beer is chargeable. Besides drink, there were also free flow of jam biscuits, banana and their lemon orange (those orange that are green in colour...)

1st stop - Panak Island
Here, we took the canoe (1 guide and 2 passenger each canoe) and was rowed towards a small opening that is dark! A short ride later where we saw stalagmites and stalagtites while manoevering corners with oncoming traffic (yeah, it's 2-way traffic in the dark cave!), we emerged into a lagoon. The water is not deep in the lagoon and it's actually mud underneath! BREATHTAKING & BEAUTIFUL!! We were like in another world!! :)

our canoes and drivers

15 minutes up and it's time to head back to our boat. Alas I was struck with seasick!! Gloomy and I dont know how I'm going to stand the whole day in this position. Just not bubbly anymore and I want a bed to sleep!! and I thought a big boat wont give me seasick, was I so wrong.

2nd stop - Hong Island
Again same thing. Get into the canoe and head towards the cave. Funny thing is when I'm on the open sea and canoe heading towards the lagoon, I dont feel seasick at all!!

In this cave, we saw "diamonds" which is actually limestones that glitter when we shine light on it. Such natural beauty. On our way out, we had to lie backwards on the canoe as one of the stalagtites is reaallll low! I like this experience :)

Time just passby too fast and the next thing we know, we are heading back again to our boat. Lunch is serve onboard. Not much appetite as I still feel nausea, I managed to eat the fried chicken drumstick and a few spoonful of fried rice (more on forcing myself to swallow) and lots and lots of pineapple (gosh, they are sweet!). Thereafter, felt much much better and for the rest of the journey I sat at the head of the boat.

behind us is another lagoon which we can't cross over due to low tide

lunch onboard

3rd stop - Khoa Ta Poo aka James Bond Island
Here, we were specifically told to bring our $$$ as there's souveniors stalls. Stuff that there were selling range from the normal Thai souveniors of elephant's motif to seashell's stuff such as bracelet, necklace etc.. I did not even stop 5 mins at any stall as we were too busy docking up and down the island to take in the scenery and of course photos! :)

the famous James Bond Island

4th stop - Lawa Island
Journey to this last island took ages!! Can see that everyone is tired and dozing off. After being "roasted" for ages, at last we arrive. This island is for us to take a dip in the Andaman Sea. For me, at last I can step foot on LAND!! eventhough for just 45 mins.

The transfer to the island is by a speedboat (our boat docked quite far from shore) but I spotted that canoe is available as well and dragged my hubby to take the canoe. It's better than taking speedboat which is common. Canoe ride is fantastic with the big waves swaying us :)

Took a dip, rested and it's time to head back to Por Pier. We arrive at the pier around 5.30pm. Two thumbs up and a definite well worth the $$ trip!! Real real tired and I actually dozed off on the ride back to the hotel.

Showered rested and we headed out for our dinner. Decided to try their street food and took a stroll thru Bang La Road before heading for another Thai massage, different parlour this time and better than the 1st day. More oomph this one :)

our dinner of noodle and meatball/char siew and chicken & pork satay
add the fish sauce and dry chili flakes = nicer tasting soup!
there's sugar for you to add too, a bit odd??

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