Sunday, October 19, 2008

Back to reality....

Sigh, end of holiday now back to reality....

Here Cavan helping us with our luggage :)

Cavan : It's time you come back daddy. Let's go home...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Onboard Entertainment

Here are 2 snippets of the onboard entertainment we had during our Sea Canoe Trip at Phang Nga Bay. Enjoy! :)

Snippet 1

Snippet 2

Friday, October 17, 2008

Phuket Fantasea

This is what they called a "cannot miss show" if you're in Phuket ie. the "Fantasea". Huge billboards of Fantasea can be found on the roads as we're travelling from the airport to the hotel since stepping foot on Thai's soil.

big advert along the road

The price is quite deep too considering THB1500 (RM150) for the show alone and THB1900 (RM190) for show and dinner. As mentioned in my earlier post, we bargained and got it at THB1700 (RM170) for show and dinner cum return transfer! Hubby was quite reluctant to go actually but I was saying "I wanna go and see, I wanna go and see" even before landing in Phuket!! hehehe... Well, to me its the experience and one in a lifetime thingy-- no more next time.

Today 3rd day in Phuket. We woke up a bit late due to previous day activity and skipped our breakfast in hotel. We opted instead to scroll thru their streets once again and try out their breakfast. Alas, not much choice and the sun is already shining so brightly that we decided we need cover and thus choose a bakery on Bang La Road to have our brunch.

banana cake, smoked chicken breast sandwich & latte

Tummy satisfied, we continued to walk thru the streets heading to areas that we're yet to explore. Patong Beach is now full of people and they are either sunbathing, playing water activites or relaxing on the rented sunbeds.

rows and rows of sunbeds under the scorching sun

Not able to stand the scorching sun, we went in search of coconut water and decided to head back to our hotel to rest, relax at the jacuzzi and get ready for our evening event.

Fantasea is like a mini Euro-Disney to me. Lots of glitter, cartonny character (well a bit eerie due to mystic & myth), lights and sounds! After getting our tickets we headed to the Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant and on the way, we stopped and snap some pics.

mascots greeted us as we enter into the mystic and myth world

colourful background

I was shocked when I entered the Golden Kinnaree. It's like we're in a luxury canteen!! There's rows and rows of table and chairs. It's huge! and I'm really disappointed. The dinner is not worth it :(

the Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant

high class canteen

Some bites later we were out and continued cam-whoring before entering the Palace of the Elephants Theater located just right opposite the Golden Kinnaree Restaurant. Impressive and their crowd control is great. The middle courtyard between the Restaurant and Theater has elephants ride. Payable of course!

entrance to the Palace of the Elephants

No cameras, mobile phones or any recording devices is allowed in the Theater. Deposited our stuff. The show is great as they use live stocks!! You see chicken running across the stage, buffalos, tiger, doves flying above you and of course their magnificent beast - elephants! I would rate it as average. Have not seen it go see it for yourself but don't take the dinner package.

courtyard outside the Palace of the Elephants

We requested our transfer to drop us at Bang La Road where we continued to soak in the sounds and sights. Being a Saturday night, more happening la... We then went for another massage. This time I tried their foot massage and did manicure pedicure while hubby stayed with the Thai massage.

Satisfied we headed back to the hotel and 'tapau' our supper (safe to walk the street @ 1.30am!) consisting a bottle of Singha Beer (real cheap!), grill fish and meatballs. The meatballs is funny coz inside is mixed with 'tanghoon', not nice at all but the grill catfish is super duper yummy!! Tonight is also the 1st time we drank alcoholic stuff :)

street peddlers selling grill stuff

our supper : meatball, grilled fish and Singha beer

Reality approaching real soon.....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Handbag Planet Launch!

A slight diversion to put in this post on a launch that is taking place REAL soon and I meant really really soon as in another 1 day 14 hours 21 minutes and ticking seconds to go as I write this.

Go and sign-up for your chance to win a fabulous handbag at They are giving away 24 bags in 24 hours in celebration of their website launch. You get to select the bag you want too. How cool is this?

Who knows, the lucky star might just strike! :)

Andaman Sea - Phang Nga Bay (Day 2)

Continuing from my very short post on Phang Nga Bay Sea Canoe Trip on Day 2.

Phang Nga Bay is located in the Andaman Sea. We visited 4 islands here namely Hong, Panak, James Bond and Lawa Island. Here, the islands are not affected by the Tsunami that struck Phuket in Year 2004 due to the many islands that shelter it.

We started early with our transfer picking us up from the Hotel at 8.20am. Around 9.30am our escort boat departed from Por Pier and 1st stop was Panak Island.

Onboard the boat, we were given free flow of soft drinks, tea and coffee. Beer is chargeable. Besides drink, there were also free flow of jam biscuits, banana and their lemon orange (those orange that are green in colour...)

1st stop - Panak Island
Here, we took the canoe (1 guide and 2 passenger each canoe) and was rowed towards a small opening that is dark! A short ride later where we saw stalagmites and stalagtites while manoevering corners with oncoming traffic (yeah, it's 2-way traffic in the dark cave!), we emerged into a lagoon. The water is not deep in the lagoon and it's actually mud underneath! BREATHTAKING & BEAUTIFUL!! We were like in another world!! :)

our canoes and drivers

15 minutes up and it's time to head back to our boat. Alas I was struck with seasick!! Gloomy and I dont know how I'm going to stand the whole day in this position. Just not bubbly anymore and I want a bed to sleep!! and I thought a big boat wont give me seasick, was I so wrong.

2nd stop - Hong Island
Again same thing. Get into the canoe and head towards the cave. Funny thing is when I'm on the open sea and canoe heading towards the lagoon, I dont feel seasick at all!!

In this cave, we saw "diamonds" which is actually limestones that glitter when we shine light on it. Such natural beauty. On our way out, we had to lie backwards on the canoe as one of the stalagtites is reaallll low! I like this experience :)

Time just passby too fast and the next thing we know, we are heading back again to our boat. Lunch is serve onboard. Not much appetite as I still feel nausea, I managed to eat the fried chicken drumstick and a few spoonful of fried rice (more on forcing myself to swallow) and lots and lots of pineapple (gosh, they are sweet!). Thereafter, felt much much better and for the rest of the journey I sat at the head of the boat.

behind us is another lagoon which we can't cross over due to low tide

lunch onboard

3rd stop - Khoa Ta Poo aka James Bond Island
Here, we were specifically told to bring our $$$ as there's souveniors stalls. Stuff that there were selling range from the normal Thai souveniors of elephant's motif to seashell's stuff such as bracelet, necklace etc.. I did not even stop 5 mins at any stall as we were too busy docking up and down the island to take in the scenery and of course photos! :)

the famous James Bond Island

4th stop - Lawa Island
Journey to this last island took ages!! Can see that everyone is tired and dozing off. After being "roasted" for ages, at last we arrive. This island is for us to take a dip in the Andaman Sea. For me, at last I can step foot on LAND!! eventhough for just 45 mins.

The transfer to the island is by a speedboat (our boat docked quite far from shore) but I spotted that canoe is available as well and dragged my hubby to take the canoe. It's better than taking speedboat which is common. Canoe ride is fantastic with the big waves swaying us :)

Took a dip, rested and it's time to head back to Por Pier. We arrive at the pier around 5.30pm. Two thumbs up and a definite well worth the $$ trip!! Real real tired and I actually dozed off on the ride back to the hotel.

Showered rested and we headed out for our dinner. Decided to try their street food and took a stroll thru Bang La Road before heading for another Thai massage, different parlour this time and better than the 1st day. More oomph this one :)

our dinner of noodle and meatball/char siew and chicken & pork satay
add the fish sauce and dry chili flakes = nicer tasting soup!
there's sugar for you to add too, a bit odd??

Next post : Day 3 Fantasea

Friday, October 10, 2008

Phang Nga Bay, Day 2

Too tired to write anything about today's sea canoe trip. Spend the whole day at sea and can only get my two legs on land for 45 minutes for the entire journey!!

All in all, we had a blast!!!!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sawad dee kha - Phuket, Day 1


The flight is 12.45pm but it was an early start for us as we need to drop off Cavan at my parents house. Instead of taking the cab, we opted to try our SkyBus from KL Sentral as it was cheaper! :) Glad to say that their service is not bad. Depart on time, driver was not speeding and we arrived LCCT in one piece!

Massive traffic in LCCT, looks like another Pudu Raya Bus Station. Check-in is slow although we're number 2 in queue. Hubby need to finish off some work while waiting to board the plane and the bored me started to snap pics.

Arrive Phuket on time. The journey from airport to the hotel took almost 45 minutes. Cab fare cost us THB550 (RM55). Funny thing is the driver stop half way at a tourist shop apparently to "sign attendance"... ahhh, think we don't know meh the trick is to have the people inside come out to greet us and then to introduce various tour packages. True enough, this was what happened. After entertaining them with ahh, ok, we think about it, will give you a call if interested, bla bla bla we at last continued our journey to the hotel.

wires criss crossing all over the place a real common sight

Our hotel is located right opposite the Hospital and Police Station. Later I realised that our hotel is in the direction for Tsunami Evacuation Route! Talk about being "kia-si" hehehe... Anyway, hubby's first comment of our hotel when we entered the room....

hubby : not that nice hor

What you expect being a Superior room that comes with breakfast at a real nice price? Anyway, the room is okay. Just a bit plain and white. However, the surrounding is beautiful!

A definite must to take at least a dip in the pool and we have a balcony that looks out to this absolutely gorgeous swimming pool!
*oh yah, our room are those on the 1st floor see it?*

Rested awhile and we headed out by foot to.....

Before we knew it, we saw rain heading our way. Check out the sunny clear rectangle admist the cloudy rainy clouds! Hhmm... start to regret not taking the umbrella that was provided in our room.

Can't stay at the beach any longer, we walked and walked in the hunt for makan and shopping place and most important, a roof above us! Aha!! we found it....

Nice shopping mall with Robinsons having discount upto 90%! hehehe... but drainage system poor when it rained heavily coz the open air walkway in between the buildings were flooded!

We proceeded for early dinner MAL time 6.30pm THL time 5.30pm! at their Food Court. Surprisingly the food turns out alright :)

Egg noodle with homemade fish balls THB50 (RM5)

The noodle is springy, the soup is "sweet" (cheng tim) and the fish balls are very normal to me. Noodle and soup a-okay!

Papaya salad with pork skin THB60 (RM6)

Pork skin no pork taste nor smell but real crispy. Occured to me that their Food Court is not "Halal".

After dinner, the rain stopped and we went back to Bang La Road. Now it starts to be "happening". Lots and lots of bars and shops selling items from souveniors, clothes, bags, etc... cum street vendor selling knick knacks to BBQ food (actually grill food on a satay stick).

One more thing that's a common sight along the shops are massage parlour. We spotted one that offers THB200 (RM20) for foot, thai or oil massage for an hour. The cheapest of all the parlours we came across and decided to try them out. Both of us went for the Thai massage.

Fresher now, we continued our exploration and ended up at a Tour Information Booth and took a look at the tours offered. Paid for a Phang Nga Bay - Hong, Panak, Lawa & James Bond Island Tour that has a canoe ride into the caves. The canoe ride attracted me big time! Cost THB1100 (RM110) per pax after endless negotiations. Transport and lunch included. Did they cut our throat? Don't know as a few that we asked were about the same price. At the same time, we made reservations for the FantaSea Show on Saturday. Standard rate they offer but gave us discount. I think the discount is also standard for all!! In the end, we are paying THB1700 (RM170) per pax for this dinner and show. The price stated was THB1900 (RM190) per pax and transport was supposed to be THB150 (RM15) but now it's included. For show only is THB1500 (RM150). Well since already in Phuket, can't be missing this out right?

Food hunting now after settling the tour package.... we are in search of Tom Yam Kung... Found a row of stalls and price range is reasonable.

The coconut cost only THB40 (RM4). Even our local resort in Malaysia is selling at RM7!

Seafood fried rice THB50 (RM5)

Tom Yam Kung THB100 (RM10)

Satisfied, we are now ready to call it a day and head back to our hotel. Opposite our hotel, there's fruit stall and thus we bought our dessert - longans THB70 (RM7) for 1kg. Sweet and crunchy.

There, this is our 1st day at the Land of Smiles and my first time blogging away from home! Well, there equipment ie. notebook and free wi-fi. Why waste it!

Latree sawad kha (Good night) for now as tomorrow will be a full day for us as the tour starts at 8.00am and ends at 5.00pm.

Until the next post...

Thursday, October 02, 2008

KL Bird Park, Lake Gardens

Still on Public Holiday - 2nd day of Raya, we went to KL Bird Park @ Lake Gardens. Gosh, it's been so so long since I last step foot in this place ~ Garden in the City Centre. Very lacking nowadays to find a garden in the city, a very pleasant view admist all the concrete jungle.

Our target was to visit the Bird Park and the Deer Park (do they call it Deer Park??). Anyway, by the time we're done @ the Bird Park, it's already slightly past 4pm. Too tired and poor boy is half sleeping when we made it back to our car!

Side note, the last I went to the "Deer Park" it was opposite the Orchid Garden. The Bird Park's entrance is now the opposite the Orchid Garden. They don't have deer park anymore?? :( Well, I'll find out the next trip here as we're targetting to bring Cavan to see Tugu Negara, Parliment House, etc.. Well, that was what my parents brought me to see when I was a child! Not like nowadays where the kids tell you to go Ikano, 1U, shopping!!

Some pics to feast your eyes :)

all geared up for the walk

we were greeted by this fella *ooppsss* wrong side!

ahhh, this is more like it.
beautiful proud peacock that shimmers it's feathers at us

colourful parrots eating "kuaci" ie. sunflower seed

drinking condensed milk

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My new toy!!

After a late start today since it's Public Holiday and marks the first day of Hari Raya, I finally went and purchase this....

Yep!! I got myself the Canon 1000d :)

House Bunny Preview

Went and watched the House Bunny @ Cineleisure Mutiara Damansara. It's a great movie to watch if you want to have a stress free mind and endless laughter to wacky sentences such as "The eyes are the nipples of the face"!!

Go and catch it when it's up..

Here's the sypnosis of the movie :

“In the sexy comedy, THE HOUSE BUNNY, funny girl Anna Faris (Scary Movie) charms as Shelley Darlington, a Playboy Bunny who teaches an awkward group of college girls about the opposite sex – only to learn that what boys ultimately want is what’s on the inside.

Shelley is living a carefree life until she gets tossed out of the Playboy Mansion. With nowhere to go, fate delivers her into the lives of a group of socially challenged university girls, who will lose their campus house if they can’t attract new members. In order to accomplish their goal, Shelley needs to pull out all her playmate tricks and give them a crash course in the ways of makeup and men. Meanwhile, Shelley learns the hard way that she needs some of what the girls have – a sense of individuality. When sexy meets smart they all learn to stop pretending and start being themselves.”

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