Monday, September 29, 2008

To buy or not to buy??

I'm in a dilemma to buy or not to buy the Canon 1000D dslr. Have seen it, felt it and check out the prices.

Although am first timer in dslr, I don't think the function is that hard to grasp izzit?... Well, lets use my noodle and think think think for another few days before I grab that box and bring it home!!


JonW said...

Eh? Never knew you were a photo buff.

Wanna buy DSLR summore? Wow!

Kah Lai said...

Didn't know you're into this previously. I'm sure you're gonna grab that box very very soon!

Happy photographing! :)

life-muses said...

My new found interest :)
Indian figures holding me back!! *sigh*

Kah Lai said...

Just closed your eyes and cut your expenses elsewhere lor... ;)

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