Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sardine Puff

Well since today I took Emergency Leave to bring Cavan to the doctor and after taking his medication he slept the whole afternoon, I'm left with housework and the cooking/baking bug caught up with me.

I've not done any baking since the last trip to Bukit Tinggi and Cameron Highlands where I made sausage rolls. A quick check in the fridge confirms that I have the most important ingredient ie. the pastry. Thus, I decided to make Sardine Puff for tea.

First up, fragant the onion and fresh chilies.

Pour in the smashed sardine fish, add some ketchup and lime juice
(it taste tastier!)

The whitish stuff you see is actually egg white. Since I need the egg yolk to glaze my puff, I cook the egg white as not to waste it.

The puff pastry

Roll up your puff pastry to the design of your liking

Glazed sardine puff with egg yolk
Into the oven it goes!

Ta-daa! Ready to eat Sardine Puff

Join me for tea?


Pris said...

the puffs look delicious..would u consider to make some & bring to office for us to try? hehe...

JonW said...

You and Alicia have really gotta stop making me drool when reading ur blogs.

And when you do post, like Pris said, do bring some for tasting!


life-muses said...

the puff would not taste that good overnight leh.. let me see what's the next thing I'll try *paiseh*

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