Thursday, September 04, 2008

Jelly Mooncake

I never understand the way mooncake evolves into so many flavours these days. To me, mooncake is mooncake la with lotus paste as the flavour. Now you find ice-cream mooncake, fruity flavoured mooncakes, etc.. The so called traditional mooncake takes a back back seat!!

When a colleague of mine said that she made some Jelly Mooncake, I could not miss the chance to try it out. Although its just basic jelly "agar-agar" but it's the creativeness that draws me to it. It takes patience as well to come out with a Jelly Mooncake. For sure if I'm the one who makes it, my mooncake will be a singular colour hahaha....

Here's the Jelly Mooncake that my colleague Alicia made for us to try in the office and I was given a whole mooncake to bring home for Cavan.

lovely right?

note the layers ie. there's yolk, paste and skin

red bean jelly mooncake
the yolk is just jelly ~ the paste is red bean paste ~ the skin is made with evaporated milk

Verdict : Not only it is lovely to look at, it is delicious as it's not too sweet :) Great work done!!

More of her work in her blog.


dEarDaNieL said...

Hey sweetie, thanks for the compliment. I'm just glad you all like it. Thanks again for the support.

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