Thursday, September 04, 2008

Dragon Fruit Enzyme

Tried my hand at making Dragon Fruit Enzyme after hearing about the goodness of it from my colleague Alicia. Drinking this enzyme will help to reduce high blood pressure. However, if you are suffering from liver or lung problem then it is recommended not to consume.

The steps are simple :

(1) Cut off skin and slice dragon fruit
(Recommended to use red dragon fruit vs white dragon fruit as red has more nutritional values)
(2) Cut off skin and slice lemon
(3) Chop brown candy into small pieces
(4) Air tight jar


(1) The jar must be thoroughly dry.
(2) Layer dragon fruit followed by brown candy and lemon
(3) Repeat layering until top of jar
(4) Place plastic on top of jar before twisting the cap to close it tightly
(5) Place at a cool dry place for 2 weeks

* for adult consumption - ferment for 2 weeks
* for children consumption - ferment for 9 days
* if there's bubbles or mould during the process, throw away and start afresh

The result :

The brown candy and most of the dragon fruit has dissolve during the fermentation process.

Before consumption, sieve the residue of lemon and dragon fruit.

The taste should be similar to wine :)


Kah Lai said...

Tried, a bit sweet....will be nice for those with sweet tooth :)

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