Monday, September 29, 2008

Sun & Sea @ Port Dickson

A back-dated post.

We took lil' Cavan for a short holiday and to spend some quality family time together with him @ Port Dickson on September 20th. Previously when we went down to PD for a day trip, we had eyed a hotel and told ourselves that we will make a trip here and stay at this particular hotel.

Little did we know that with 4 pairs of eyes (include our specky!!), we actually saw the wrong hotel and thus booked into the hotel next to our target hotel!! What a joke when we drove past the targetted hotel and hubby said, didn't we drive into this the other day? How come we're now entering a different entry which is next to this particular targetted hotel??!! Heehehe... manatau, the hotel that we actually wanted was Regency Hotel but instead we have booked ourselves into Selesa Beach Resort! Aahhh...nevermind la since it's cheap as they are having Ramadhan month promo which cost only RM130 per room per night that comes with breakfast!

Nothing to shout about the room, pretty standard thus no pics about it. After check-in we went for our tea-time and choose to have Kajang Satay.

succulent chicken satay
While waiting for our satay to arrive, we cam-whore a bit where lil's Cavan obligingly pose for his future "modelling" portfolio :p Check out his cool look above!

We then headed back to the resort where the sun has set, nice timing. We hit the beach! Alright it's not "air longkong" but PD's beach water is just brown!!

Enough of the browny water and sand, we then headed to the pool. Cavan is doing his backstroke style in the pool :)

The last day saw us visiting the PD Ostrich Farm. They have goats, chicken, pony ride, goosey gander wandering in the open... Check out that Ostrich neck bottom right. Real flexible huh and the way they peck at the dried corns we offered is really sscccaaarrryyyy!!!

All in all, it was a nice trip and there's no wonder that the person that enjoyed the trip most is lil' Cavan although he fell down from his bed twice that nite!!

Now back home, you hear him asking us "We go holiday again..." :)


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