Monday, September 29, 2008

Kids say the darndest thing!

Just the other day I was in a coffeeshop with Cavan. A man walked past our table and just as he pass by, Cavan told me "Mummy you see that man is FAT!" with his little finger pointing at that man.

*gasp* quickly I hushed him down and told him that it's not courteous to say such thing and luckily for me that day he did not choose to say what's on his mind in his loud voice!! albeit a very confuse stare from him that told me "Watdaya saying? Isnt it the truth that he's fat??" and his never ending of why? why? why?

I wonder where I'll hide my face if ever the next time he does this again *~*

"Rojak" Language

from Wikipedia : Rojak is a fruit and vegetable salad dish commonly found in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia (where it is called Rujak). The term "Rojak" is Malay for mixture, is also used as a colloquial expression for an eclectic mix, and in particular is often used to describe the multi-ethnic character of Malaysian and Singaporean society.

There's no one to blame but myself *hiks* :)

Lil Cavan language is at times "rojak" hehehehe....Why? coz when he speaks he throws in either english, cantonese, hokkien and malay all into one sentence!!

For example to name a few :
(1) Daddy, you oi ng oi eat ah? ~ Daddy, do you want to eat?
(2) Mummy you see this one pecah already! ~ Mummy, you see this one broken already
(3) You see, the boy boh cheng sa ~ You see, the boy is naked
(4) My nose got pei tai ~ My nose got mucus

Not to mention he even put in those slang of ah, la, woh, hor and now recent slang is eh?? and thus he goes "Where is my ball eh?"

Time for a re-check when I speak eh??!!

Sun & Sea @ Port Dickson

A back-dated post.

We took lil' Cavan for a short holiday and to spend some quality family time together with him @ Port Dickson on September 20th. Previously when we went down to PD for a day trip, we had eyed a hotel and told ourselves that we will make a trip here and stay at this particular hotel.

Little did we know that with 4 pairs of eyes (include our specky!!), we actually saw the wrong hotel and thus booked into the hotel next to our target hotel!! What a joke when we drove past the targetted hotel and hubby said, didn't we drive into this the other day? How come we're now entering a different entry which is next to this particular targetted hotel??!! Heehehe... manatau, the hotel that we actually wanted was Regency Hotel but instead we have booked ourselves into Selesa Beach Resort! Aahhh...nevermind la since it's cheap as they are having Ramadhan month promo which cost only RM130 per room per night that comes with breakfast!

Nothing to shout about the room, pretty standard thus no pics about it. After check-in we went for our tea-time and choose to have Kajang Satay.

succulent chicken satay
While waiting for our satay to arrive, we cam-whore a bit where lil's Cavan obligingly pose for his future "modelling" portfolio :p Check out his cool look above!

We then headed back to the resort where the sun has set, nice timing. We hit the beach! Alright it's not "air longkong" but PD's beach water is just brown!!

Enough of the browny water and sand, we then headed to the pool. Cavan is doing his backstroke style in the pool :)

The last day saw us visiting the PD Ostrich Farm. They have goats, chicken, pony ride, goosey gander wandering in the open... Check out that Ostrich neck bottom right. Real flexible huh and the way they peck at the dried corns we offered is really sscccaaarrryyyy!!!

All in all, it was a nice trip and there's no wonder that the person that enjoyed the trip most is lil' Cavan although he fell down from his bed twice that nite!!

Now back home, you hear him asking us "We go holiday again..." :)

To buy or not to buy??

I'm in a dilemma to buy or not to buy the Canon 1000D dslr. Have seen it, felt it and check out the prices.

Although am first timer in dslr, I don't think the function is that hard to grasp izzit?... Well, lets use my noodle and think think think for another few days before I grab that box and bring it home!!

Double luck in Sept-08!!

I wrote about my upcoming move date with Emmagem. Guess what, I've discovered that I won another pair of tickets for the same movie and it's from Nuffnang this time!! (yea, I entered for this contest at both these sites)

Dear Nuffnangers,

With much delight, we will like to inform you that you've been chosen to attend the Premiere Screening of House Bunny courtesy of Nuffnang and Buena Vista Columbia Tristar. TWO (2) tickets have been reserved under your names which you can collect half an hour before the screening from a special registration counter set up. Details of the screening as followed;

Date / Day : 30 Sept / Tue
Time : 9:30PM
Venue : Cathay Cineplex D'sara (Cineleisure, The Curve)
Hall : 10

Should you not be able to attend, kindly send an email to to inform so others who did not make it into the final list can be given a second chance. If you're to be absent without prior notification, you'll be blacklisted from attending any of our future events. These tickets are non-transferable.

Since I've confirmed my attendance with Emmagem, it's only fair that I write to Robb Chew and informed him that I've already got my tixs from Emmagem. *sob* no way I'll be able to be in the early bird running for a free tote bag now :(


Never would I have thought that this was their reply :

Hi Karen,

Thank you for reverting to me regarding this. If you see me early, I might
pass you a tote bag if they are still available. :)

Robb Chew
Blogger Relations Executive

Well "might" is better than "cannot" rite??

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sardine Puff

Well since today I took Emergency Leave to bring Cavan to the doctor and after taking his medication he slept the whole afternoon, I'm left with housework and the cooking/baking bug caught up with me.

I've not done any baking since the last trip to Bukit Tinggi and Cameron Highlands where I made sausage rolls. A quick check in the fridge confirms that I have the most important ingredient ie. the pastry. Thus, I decided to make Sardine Puff for tea.

First up, fragant the onion and fresh chilies.

Pour in the smashed sardine fish, add some ketchup and lime juice
(it taste tastier!)

The whitish stuff you see is actually egg white. Since I need the egg yolk to glaze my puff, I cook the egg white as not to waste it.

The puff pastry

Roll up your puff pastry to the design of your liking

Glazed sardine puff with egg yolk
Into the oven it goes!

Ta-daa! Ready to eat Sardine Puff

Join me for tea?

My lil Cavan..

Cavan is down with food poisoning today :( He started throwing up at the strike of 12.00 am and had fever reading @ 39 degree.

This is the first time Cavan throws up when he's not well and I'm surprised that he did not kick up a fuss but indicate to both me and my mum when he wanted to throw up. After 3 bouts of throwing up and complaint of tummy ache, he finally settled back to sleep.

6.30am, Cavan woke up suddenly and indicated that he wants to throw up but nothing came out. The suppository that we gave him at 12.00am wore out and his fever reading is again @ 39 degree. Gave another suppository for him.

Brought him to the doctor as I suspect he's having food poisoning? However, we had the same food previous night so..... (just hope it's a mild food poisoning and nothing else). I'm real phobia when he's down with high fever due to previous admission and this time throwing up to add!!

Could be due to Ramadhan month that his usual paed's office was not that crowded. We were lucky to be the 5th in line. His paed confirmed that Cavan is down with food poisoning.

As of the time I'm posting this, so far so good. No throwing up, fever went down and hope that later tonight no more complain of tummy pain since he did his big business earlier.

Oh yah... paed told me not to mix him with other kids as it may spread. First time I'm hearing someone with food poisoning can spread to others??....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Lunch Today

This was my lunch today at Pastis, Gardens Mid Valley where we celebrated our colleague's Mei Mei's birthday.

Shared the Pastis Club Sandwich with another colleague (Alicia) which came with a glass of chips and a bowl of salad in balsamic dressing. The sandwich itself is full of tender chicken breast, lettuce, tomatos and egg. Top off with a strip of bacon!!

Just yummy :)

Movie Date with Emmagem!

What a pleasant surprise when I check my mail this morning :

Hey you!

Congratulations! You have won (1) pair of House Bunny Movie Tickets to watch the movie on the:

Date / Day : 30 Sept 2008/ Tuesday
Time : 9:30PM
Venue : Cathay Cineplex Damansara
Hall : 10

So, can you make it?

Please collect your tickets from 8.45pm onwards (tentative, will send email for more info)
(Well, I really haven't figured out how to pass the tickets to you yet, maybe a counter, will send emails to keep you posted!)

In the mean time, please send me your full name, IC Number, Phone Number to me by Friday. Failing to do so, we will let the tickets go to other entries.

Tickets are also non-transferable, so if you cannot make it, just tell me lah, I will give it away to other winners :D

Thanks and Congratulations once again!:) See you very very soon on the 30th! We'll take pictures k? :D
Karen Marie -
Emmagem admin

You bet I'll be there with camera in tow!! :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Mid Autum Festival

Of mooncakes....

and Tang Lungs.....


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Allen Designs Giveaway...

Who could resist a blog giveaway? Not me!!....

So here comes another goody giveaway. Check out her cool designs. This time, the giveaways are these goodies :
Go on now to her site here and participate yourself. Good luck to us all!!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Passion Fruit

Came across locally grown Passion Fruit in one of the restaurants in Bukit Tinggi, Pahang.

not ripe for plucking....

This restaurant sells the passion fruit for RM10 per pack and 1 pack consist of 8 passion fruits.

note the skin colour is now reddish

cut it in half and scoop to eat

First taste and it's very sour.. after a few spoonful, I got used to the taste and it's good for digestion after a heavy meal!!

Now, I've tasted fresh passion fruit as I used to drink passion fruit cordial :)

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Dragon Fruit Enzyme

Tried my hand at making Dragon Fruit Enzyme after hearing about the goodness of it from my colleague Alicia. Drinking this enzyme will help to reduce high blood pressure. However, if you are suffering from liver or lung problem then it is recommended not to consume.

The steps are simple :

(1) Cut off skin and slice dragon fruit
(Recommended to use red dragon fruit vs white dragon fruit as red has more nutritional values)
(2) Cut off skin and slice lemon
(3) Chop brown candy into small pieces
(4) Air tight jar


(1) The jar must be thoroughly dry.
(2) Layer dragon fruit followed by brown candy and lemon
(3) Repeat layering until top of jar
(4) Place plastic on top of jar before twisting the cap to close it tightly
(5) Place at a cool dry place for 2 weeks

* for adult consumption - ferment for 2 weeks
* for children consumption - ferment for 9 days
* if there's bubbles or mould during the process, throw away and start afresh

The result :

The brown candy and most of the dragon fruit has dissolve during the fermentation process.

Before consumption, sieve the residue of lemon and dragon fruit.

The taste should be similar to wine :)

Jelly Mooncake

I never understand the way mooncake evolves into so many flavours these days. To me, mooncake is mooncake la with lotus paste as the flavour. Now you find ice-cream mooncake, fruity flavoured mooncakes, etc.. The so called traditional mooncake takes a back back seat!!

When a colleague of mine said that she made some Jelly Mooncake, I could not miss the chance to try it out. Although its just basic jelly "agar-agar" but it's the creativeness that draws me to it. It takes patience as well to come out with a Jelly Mooncake. For sure if I'm the one who makes it, my mooncake will be a singular colour hahaha....

Here's the Jelly Mooncake that my colleague Alicia made for us to try in the office and I was given a whole mooncake to bring home for Cavan.

lovely right?

note the layers ie. there's yolk, paste and skin

red bean jelly mooncake
the yolk is just jelly ~ the paste is red bean paste ~ the skin is made with evaporated milk

Verdict : Not only it is lovely to look at, it is delicious as it's not too sweet :) Great work done!!

More of her work in her blog.
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