Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nature's Life

It was a rare opportunity for me to chance upon this beautiful creation in my mother's garden. She was complaining that she didnt know what insect that bite (ate) up one of her plant that was flourishing until this evening she finally saw the culprit.

This culprit that was happily chomping off leaves is so fat!!! and we also found that it was not a lone job. The culprit has another 3 accomplices!!! 2 equally fat and the other that was just starting out which is still skinny.

Now, presenting to you the beautiful FAT culprit...

The 1st culprit we saw.
Look closer and you see at the bottom right the skinnier culprit.

Lovely eyes they have and look at that body - FAT!!! from all the leaves it ate!!

Looks like an alien embryo

Beautiful creation which grows up to be a colourful butterfly

I am indeed in awe of this up-close encounter with a beautiful caterpillar!!


freudian dream said...

I've always thought caterpillars were beautiful but these ones are just so cute! That last picture especially! lucky you~

Apple said...
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Yvonne said...

Really look like alien leh, especially the eyes. A bit geli, hahaha

Kah Lai said...

Looks like soft toy put up for photo shoot! Hahahahaha....really unbelievable! :p

dEarDaNieL said...

Great shot! Looks so pro. To me, this thing is totally eerie..

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