Thursday, August 14, 2008

Maxis if its your problem, please solve it!!

I have one particular number that keeps calling me day and night and I meant day ie. wee hours and night ie. late night!!

This evening at 10.30pm again this number call me and I answered. As usual, when I answer straightaway the other end will put down the phone.

I wrote this person a sms "Please stop calling my number if you don't speak up!"

Reply came "I dun call ur no ok! i call my bf no..da problem is from maxis.."

My response "Pls make sure you enter your number correctly. If maxis problem, get them to solve for you coz i only encounter you havin such problem. Tq."

Reply from this person "Da prob is i don't dial or know ur num..i just call my bf dat i save num in my phone...I also has big prob dat my credit are lost coz of ur num!! tq!"

Last word from me "If tis case, get maxis to solve the problem so tat u wont lose your credit and i dun get disturbed. Tks."

No response watsoever from the person after the last sms from me...

Waaoo... is it my problem that when you call your bf number, my phone rang? Izzit my problem that the number you call made you lose your credits??

Trying to push the problem to me when I'm the one that got disturbed everytime?? What the heck!!


Jon said...

These are signs of the times. No respect and they certainly don't use their brains a lot.
The cheek to suggest that you were at fault.

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