Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ice Popsicles!!

My mother used to make this for us during our childhood days and thus I'm making it now for Cavan and hope that he like it as much as I do (till now!!...)

The Ingredients
(1) Whole Kernel Corn
(2) Evaporated Milk
(3) Sugar
(4) Water

The Method
(1) Boil water & sugar (sugar water)
(2) Pour in strained whole kernel corn and
(3) Add in the evaporated milk and bring to boil
(4) Stand cool before packing
Note : Make it a bit slightly sweeter as after frozen, it won't be really that sweet!

Final Product
And finally, use a funnel and pour it into popsicle plastic bag and freeze it!


Kah Lai said...

Wah lloks a lot right? Reserve a few for me, can can? Really long time didn't eat this...

life-muses said...

Can, come over...

Kah Lai said...

Got to arrange lor...

Yvonne said...

I like it a lot when i was a kid too! But i didnt know it's so easy to make.

Pris said...

yummy..i love it too!!

Kah Lai said...

Really enjoy it a lot! Had 2 straight away hahaha... Luckily there are still some left yesterday. :) Thank you dear!

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