Thursday, August 14, 2008


The time now is 9.13pm as I start to type this out.

I left office around 6.25pm and when I reached my area, it was jam thus I decided to go back home and shower before heading to my parents house .

Reached my parents house around 8.20pm and decided to park at the opposite gate since this neighbour is not around (the house is dark). As I got down my car, I saw someone peeping at me. When I try to look closer, the 'shadow' blend back with the wall. I was just checking to ensure that no one's at home as I dont want to block their gate and the whole house is dark!!

It was peek-a-boo for a few times until I gave up and headed to my parents gate. When I turn back to look at my car and also to ensure that my vision were correct, I saw a lady (full body view) looking back at me. And when I blink and look again, it was gone!!!

After leaving my stuff in the house, I went and re-parked my car right in front of my parents house and again, when I went to open my car door I saw the shadow again..

Something must be wrong with my vision!!!... I went into my parents house and asked them, are you sure no one's home opposite coz I thought I saw someone??... My mum, dad and brother replied - no one's home, the whole house is dark. If someone is at home, surely the lights must be on...

I'm starting to have really bad thoughts now.... today is the Chinese All Souls Day where the hell gate is open for the souls to roam the world... and as I drove back to my parents house, I saw many prayers by the roadside..

With my insistence, my brother again took a real hard look to the opposite house and again insisted that no one's there.. my imagination must have got the better of me.. I still insist that I saw someone..

Well, when I left at 11.00pm I did not take a peek at the opposite house but went into my car straight and drove as fast as possible to get home!!

What a night!!


Caffeaulait or Caffelatte said...

hey! That's very creepy!

Apple said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yvonne said...

I had goose bump when read ur story

life-muses said...

creepy huh... my dad say it's my reflection...if really my reflection then i made myself scared for nothing!!

Jon said...

Waliao! Sounds really scary.

Kyril D. Soul-X said...


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