Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nature's Life

It was a rare opportunity for me to chance upon this beautiful creation in my mother's garden. She was complaining that she didnt know what insect that bite (ate) up one of her plant that was flourishing until this evening she finally saw the culprit.

This culprit that was happily chomping off leaves is so fat!!! and we also found that it was not a lone job. The culprit has another 3 accomplices!!! 2 equally fat and the other that was just starting out which is still skinny.

Now, presenting to you the beautiful FAT culprit...

The 1st culprit we saw.
Look closer and you see at the bottom right the skinnier culprit.

Lovely eyes they have and look at that body - FAT!!! from all the leaves it ate!!

Looks like an alien embryo

Beautiful creation which grows up to be a colourful butterfly

I am indeed in awe of this up-close encounter with a beautiful caterpillar!!


Happy 51st birthday Malaysia!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ice Popsicles!!

My mother used to make this for us during our childhood days and thus I'm making it now for Cavan and hope that he like it as much as I do (till now!!...)

The Ingredients
(1) Whole Kernel Corn
(2) Evaporated Milk
(3) Sugar
(4) Water

The Method
(1) Boil water & sugar (sugar water)
(2) Pour in strained whole kernel corn and
(3) Add in the evaporated milk and bring to boil
(4) Stand cool before packing
Note : Make it a bit slightly sweeter as after frozen, it won't be really that sweet!

Final Product
And finally, use a funnel and pour it into popsicle plastic bag and freeze it!

The Spread @ The Gardens Mid Valley

Obtained an invitation from The Gardens Hotel to try out their Ramadhan Buffet in conjunction with the upcoming Ramadhan month and their newly opened hotel.

The buffet spread offered is not bad. There's my favourite fresh Oysters!!!

Feast your eyes here :p

The Spread @ The Gardens Hotel Mid Valley

there's fresh scallop with roe, oyster, prawns, etc..

salmon sashimi & cod fish...

curry laksa and spaghetti marinara in tomato base

the ice-creams are unique with flavours ranging from wasabi (left white colour),
black sesame (right black colour) and ambralla (front slight green)

All three flavours are lovely but I prefer ambralla (buah kedondong) which is refreshing...

there's even my other favourite, tapai pulut!! yummy....

Price? Dunno as I got to eat for free!! *o*

Friday, August 15, 2008

Award Award... my very first Award!!

Wow, this is the first time I receive an award for my blog! Thanks to my cousin nana :)

The rules of accepting are as follows:-
1) Put the logo on your blog.
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4) Add links to those blogs on yours.
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blog

The award will now be going into the hands of **yvonne** and 6 others who are reading this hehehe....


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Maxis if its your problem, please solve it!!

I have one particular number that keeps calling me day and night and I meant day ie. wee hours and night ie. late night!!

This evening at 10.30pm again this number call me and I answered. As usual, when I answer straightaway the other end will put down the phone.

I wrote this person a sms "Please stop calling my number if you don't speak up!"

Reply came "I dun call ur no ok! i call my bf no..da problem is from maxis.."

My response "Pls make sure you enter your number correctly. If maxis problem, get them to solve for you coz i only encounter you havin such problem. Tq."

Reply from this person "Da prob is i don't dial or know ur num..i just call my bf dat i save num in my phone...I also has big prob dat my credit are lost coz of ur num!! tq!"

Last word from me "If tis case, get maxis to solve the problem so tat u wont lose your credit and i dun get disturbed. Tks."

No response watsoever from the person after the last sms from me...

Waaoo... is it my problem that when you call your bf number, my phone rang? Izzit my problem that the number you call made you lose your credits??

Trying to push the problem to me when I'm the one that got disturbed everytime?? What the heck!!


The time now is 9.13pm as I start to type this out.

I left office around 6.25pm and when I reached my area, it was jam thus I decided to go back home and shower before heading to my parents house .

Reached my parents house around 8.20pm and decided to park at the opposite gate since this neighbour is not around (the house is dark). As I got down my car, I saw someone peeping at me. When I try to look closer, the 'shadow' blend back with the wall. I was just checking to ensure that no one's at home as I dont want to block their gate and the whole house is dark!!

It was peek-a-boo for a few times until I gave up and headed to my parents gate. When I turn back to look at my car and also to ensure that my vision were correct, I saw a lady (full body view) looking back at me. And when I blink and look again, it was gone!!!

After leaving my stuff in the house, I went and re-parked my car right in front of my parents house and again, when I went to open my car door I saw the shadow again..

Something must be wrong with my vision!!!... I went into my parents house and asked them, are you sure no one's home opposite coz I thought I saw someone??... My mum, dad and brother replied - no one's home, the whole house is dark. If someone is at home, surely the lights must be on...

I'm starting to have really bad thoughts now.... today is the Chinese All Souls Day where the hell gate is open for the souls to roam the world... and as I drove back to my parents house, I saw many prayers by the roadside..

With my insistence, my brother again took a real hard look to the opposite house and again insisted that no one's there.. my imagination must have got the better of me.. I still insist that I saw someone..

Well, when I left at 11.00pm I did not take a peek at the opposite house but went into my car straight and drove as fast as possible to get home!!

What a night!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My dad blogs!!

Kewl!! My dad now blogs besides Facebook-ing and maintaining his own homepage!!

Check it out will you :

Homepage -
Blog -

Rock on dad!!

Birdie Says mug giveaway!

I posted before that I chanced upon this site while surfing the net for templates. I've been ever since hooked to Gisele's site and been following her updates frequently.

Now she's having her Birdie Says mug giveaway. All her designs are beautiful and it's so hard to choose!!

This is my favourite... Give me tea anytime of the day and topped it with melt in the mouth cookies, mmmmm..... :)

Interested? Visit her site now and join in. There's lots of other designs to choose!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

"Sau-sun" from the kiasu land :p

Hubby bought me some gifts from Singapore :)

Indeed a wonderful surprise as I was made to hunt for my gifts upon my return from Tioman.

What I got? An Esprit wallet, a Charles & Keith handbag and a Chinese style handbag from my sister-in-law who's working in Singapore.

Cavan also got 2 pairs of Nike shoes and a Puma t-shirt from my sister-in-law. His dad bought him two Jeep t-shirt.

Not bad for a 2 weeks training trip to Singapore :)

Tioman July 31st - Aug 2nd

This year Company's trip is to Pulau Tioman. Besides the normal trip this year, team building was incorporated into the trip. The planning year in year out is tough as we need to think of the venue and the activities whilst juggling COST!!

Finally the committee settled for Pulau Tioman where there's an obstacle course for team building. Never did I thought that the obstacle course was going to be that tough!! However, I enjoyed the whole trip and personally this is the best trip ever since I've joined GfK Marketing Services.

Some highlights of the 3D2N:

1st day - we had survivor cooking where we had to cook roti lilit, roasted potato with mud, hard boiled egg and fruit craving with basic utensils provided and fire, we had to start it ourselves!! This night dinner was steamboat by the beach. The breeze was lovely :)

2nd day - spend the whole morning on obstacle course, did it 2 rounds and proud to say that my team won in the end!! it took us 16+ mins on the 2nd attempt to finish the whole course (best time!!). The rest of the day is spent snorkelling and in the pool :) Finished off the day with a BBQ dinner and a bon-fire by the beach.

3rd day - took the early flight out of the island and headed back to home sweet home..

Tioman is truly a beautiful island and if there's a chance, I'll visit it again!

Of 2 birthdays and a farewell...

It's been a rather busy period these last few weeks with birthday celebrations and a farewell to boot!!

First up, we celebrated Sandy's birthday at One World Hotel. We choose to do hi-tea this time coz it gives us ample of time to eat and chit-chat. The hi-tea starts at 12pm-4pm and we were there by 12pm and stayed till 4.30pm. Luckily for me, Cavan enjoyed the food (especially the crab and prawns) and entertained himself throughout our stay in the Cinnamon Cafe :)

Cavan getting ready to tuck into his crab and prawns

Happy Birthday Sandy!

Then there's the planning for a farewell for our "big brother" Chee Meng who's going over to Indonesia for greener pastures. He will be attached to King's Cafe in Jakarta on a 2 years contract. We wish him well and hopefully he adapts to the environment there and don't forget the bunch of us here in KL, the "senior citizen"...

Big brother Chee Meng..

I then had another birthday to celebrate which is my hubby's birthday. He was away for 2 weeks in Singapore for training. We went to Tony Roma's in Cineileisure and has a pleasant evening. Arranged for the waiter and waitress to sing him a birthday song to which Cavan enjoyed it the most (thought it was his birthday maybe?? hehehe..)

Happy birthday dear!
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