Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Mission Possible - Day 1

July 1st - Day 1 of my mission to try out a meal replacement plan for 4 days (Positrim - Cafe au lait flavour by Amway)

Morning : drank half cup as was feeling a bit full and was totally surprised that the taste is lovely, better tasting than herbalife's cappucino!!

Mid morning : has 2 pieces of eggroll from Macau. Colleague just came back from HongKong and Macau trip. Before her trip already told me she'll buy and let me try when she's back. So I can't say "No" (just 2 pieces, won't bring me any harm right? :p)

Lunch : had the full packet and surprisingly I'm actually full. Brought apple and pear slices and was not able to finish it. Just a few slices and I'm done for my lunch!

Dinner : another full packet and it lasts me until the next morning...

So far so good, able to resist solid food and not feeling a wee bit tired or shaky body due to hunger!!

Darn, I forgot to weigh myself before I started the plan in the morning. The weight now in the evening will do...

My notes ~
Morning : half pack
Lunch : full pack
Dinner : full pack
Accompanied by apple and pear


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