Thursday, July 03, 2008

Fire!! Fire!!

Today's weather was gloomy, same as my mood since I woke up as I can feel sore throat encroaching me :(

However tonight, it was an eventful evening for me as history repeats itself again!!! Previous story can be found here (Cavan's babysites).

7.55 - 8.00 pm : noises outside below and I thought someone is having some fun and voices carried high up

8.00 - 8.06pm : a monotonous horn is heard (later found out that my opposite unit released this from her verandah)
** fire alarm did not go off. Hhmm.. (residents just took over the handling of the management from the developer, something fishy going on??...)

8.07pm : my phone rang and a friend staying same block as me but lower floor called and inform me of that there's a unit on Level 1 that caught fire on her side of the wing (our condo shape is U)

By that time, my door was open and I was checking/talking to my opposite unit at the same time and my house phone rang and hubby informed me of the same thing!!

Unlike previous where I was panicking and jittery, I was calm and collected and went and took my valuables and checked with my opposite unit if they intent to go down (our building is made of concrete cement and for fire to spread to our end, it would take quite a while, so we have a bit of time :p)

After some ding-dang here and there, we finally were ready to go down but alas the electricity was cut off by then and we were in total darkness!!! Nevertheless, we made our way down and just then the fireman arrives (took them 25 mins! due to traffic jam). Before this, we already saw from my opposite unit's verandah that residents were pulling hoses to put out the fire.

Below are some shots I took while standing around feeling feverish and cold (well, I've been feeling this way the whole day!!).

It seems that the block I'm staying is full of incidents :

Year 2006 : 2 fires incident (1 major & 1 minor)
Year 2008 : someone fell off from 16th floor & 1 fire incident

Ooh the cause of the fire (initial investigation) as we later found out is that the unit just move in today and purchase a gas from the mini market. Apparently the gas head was not fixed properly and thus the fire started from there!!


Ciyou said...

my condo also once a while the Bomba will visit my condo. Once really was a fire, another was the lift was on fire, just so scary.

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